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British media: Putin is hiding in a bunker and preparing a nuclear strike

British media: Putin is hiding in a bunker and preparing a nuclear strike
British media: Putin is hiding in a bunker and preparing a nuclear strike

Among the claims heard is that Putin receives advice from shamans

Vladimir Putin is hiding in a bunker and preparing a nuclear strike, according to British media.

On Friday, October 7, 2022, the Russian president has a birthday and turns 70 years old.

The powerful man of Russia seems to have warned his family members about the possibility of a quick evacuation from the capital of Russia, as the “Daily Mail” and “Mirror” write.

The “anti-Kremlin” media, which claims to have inside knowledge from Putin’s circle, speaks of serious health problems of the Russian president, but the Kremlin has long denied all such rumors in circulation.

Among the claims heard is that he is receiving counselling by shamans and that he is reportedly preparing to make critical decisions about launching a nuclear attack while he himself has taken refuge in a bunker far outside Moscow.

The Kremlin is trying to make clear to its Nato rivals that it is willing to use one of its last cards as the Russian military suffers one defeat after another in Ukraine. According to his Telegram channel, General SVR, he considers the hideout he is in to be safe from Western attacks, and top officials of his security apparatus and government will be moved to the secret location, should the need arise.

Putin is believed to have several bunkers in Siberia, one of which is said to be linked to the massive new energy storage terminal at Sabeta, on the Yamal Peninsula, and the other in the Altai Mountains.

“Relatives and friends of the officials will have already arrived at the shelter. Alina Kabaeva with the couple’s children and Putin’s two older daughters with their children and partners have already been warned about the possibility of an emergency evacuation,” according to the General SVR report.

However, Putin will not put all of them in the shelter… “The Russian president has ordered, in the event of a nuclear threat, to remove the minimum necessary of Russian officials”, he says characteristically. This will include Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and the Speaker of Parliament.

Also, the attorney general, the leadership of the Security Council, but not Dmitry Medvedev, will have a place in Putin’s shelter!


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