Patras: The Slovakian fraudster with a thousand faces… stepped on by a taxi driver

Patras: The Slovakian fraudster with a thousand faces… stepped on by a taxi driver
Patras: The Slovakian fraudster with a thousand faces… stepped on by a taxi driver

A huge cycle of legal adventures started yesterday for the Slovak beauty Maria Geleticova, who introduced herself as the British wife of a high-ranking executive of a large organization and made a dolce vita by “slinging” hotels and other businesses in many parts of the country. And it wasn’t the first time he did it, as it had also concerned the Greek authorities in the past and she was free with restrictive conditions!

In fact, it is not excluded that the judicial authorities will release her information and photos to the public in order to identify her and any other victims!

The striking woman had been arrested for committing a crime repeatedly cheatedbut she had been released with a guarantee of 10,000 euros, while an exit ban had been imposed on hery from the country and appear at the police station of her place of residence. Of course, he never showed up, since he was constantly changing cities and staying in hotels, from which he left without paying!

The born in Bratislava of Slovakia a curvaceous woman was already taken to the Mesolonghi District Prosecutor who prosecuted her for fraud, but it was confirmed that she was pending European Arrest Warrant issued by the authorities of her country for similar cases of fraud he had committed in the country. As he had revealed the, is on the wanted lists of September 2, 2021.

Thus, it will also be taken to the public prosecutor Appellants of Western Central Greece which will initiate the procedure for its release, which will however be carried outafter being judged for what she has done in Greece and serving the sentences that will be imposed on her! Meanwhile, the young woman remains in the custody of the Nafpaktia police stationuntil he apologizes to the investigator for two frauds he committed in the area. She has her black dog with her, which never leaves! From November 30 until last Monday, the Maria Geleticova had stayed in a hotel in Nafpakto. When she wanted to leave for her next “goal”, she claimed that her partner, who is said to be a high-ranking executive of a large organization, would pay the bill via e-banking. Subsequently, sent the hotel an e-mail with a transfer document of 600 euros, which turned out to be fake. But she had already left…

In the early hours of the same day, Kalloni contacted radio taxi of Nafpaktos by phone and agreed with a driver to take her to Corinth, for 200 euros. When they arrived, he claimed he had no cash and texted the driver’s son’s cellphone a transport document of 250 euros. And this, however, turned out to be fake! The taxi driver filed a complaint at the Nafpaktia police station and Corinth Police was notified to locate the foreigner in the hotel where he stayed, where he was finally arrested.

A foreign woman was arrested yesterday afternoon, as the relevant announcement states: by police officers of the Corinth Security Department, against whom a case file was filed for committing fraud. At the same time, a European arrest warrant for the Slovak authorities was pending against the arrested woman, for fraud cases. In particular, on 4/12/2022 late at night, the accused From the preliminary investigation carried out by the police it emerged that the foreigner had committed three more cases of fraud in hotels and in mini markets as follows:

From November 26 to 30, the trickster with a thousand faces which was introduced each time under different namesflooded the suite of a well-known hotel in Patrasin which she sent fake receipts purporting to pay for her lodging and meals, again with her supposed husband as the alleged sender.

During her stay, placed a telephone order at a mini market for two paysafe cards worth €150, cigarettes, drinks and food, totaling €193 and told the delivery person who took them to her room that she would pay by bank card. When he returned with the POS, he found her card was empty and took the order back, only to find the woman had copied the paysafe card codes when she returned to the store. The owner of the mini market looked for the beautiful foreigner at the hotel the next day, only to find that she had disappeared without paying!

Lawsuits have been filed with the local police authorities for these cases. Thus, as soon as Maria Geleticova gets out of the court proceedings in Messolonghi, she will also go to Patras to face other prosecutions. In the meantime, the services of Athens have been informed of her arrest, as they have received complaints about similar frauds against hotels in Attica and on an island in the Argosaronicos!

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