Who is the “missing” husband who lived in Brazil

“Wittich” was a citizen of Brazil and Austria and it seems that he was recently on holiday in Malaysia

Multidimensional it looks like it is the case of the Russian spy whose activity is being investigated by the EYP.

According to data cited by SKAI, so did her husband, named “Gerard Daniel Campos Wittich”, who was living in Brazil with fake papers and identity.

“Witch” was citizen of Brazil and Austria and it seems that lately he has been for holidays in malaysia.

Despite this, his traces have been lost and it is assumed that he too was summoned for an immediate return to Russia, together with “Maria Tsalla” from Athens.

Headquarters of the Russians in Asia?

Another question that arises if there is any secret FSB headquarters in Asian or Central American countries like “Maria Tsalla” when she left Greece, was found in India and then in Thailand, while it appears that “Daniel Campos” was found from Brazil to Malaysia.

This may mean that Russian intelligence has a headquarters where they recall and hide agents who are about to be exposed.

The itinerary of “Maria Tsalla”

“Maria Tsalla” left Russia in 2017 for Mexico. This explains the passport with which she entered Greece and which was a citizen of the country as she appeared to be Mexican and Greek with dual citizenship.

In 2018 he left Mexico and came to Greece as a child of expatriates. The EYP was informed that the spy left our country on January 4, when the last trace of her mobile phone, bound for India, was found. The EYP officials estimate that she may have gone to Thailand after this is what she had told the girl who worked with her at the knitwear store.

“I will leave Greece because I intend to make a long trip to the Far East. I will go to Thailand and India. I don’t care about anything in Greece, not even the shop, you keep everything”he characteristically told her.

The focus is on travel

The “target” of the authorities has included the spy’s travels both in Greece and abroad. As “Maria Challa” she seems to have made one trip to France and three within our country.

According to Alpha, the target is the visit he made to critical areas and especially to the port of Alexandroupoli where American forces are disembarked for Ukraine and is something that has been of concern to Russia for the last two years.

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