Florian Toven at the Olympiakos table (Vids)

Florian Toven at the Olympiakos table (Vids)
Florian Toven at the Olympiakos table (Vids)

Good football is a prerequisite for him Olympic. Sometimes, however, football itself shows you that if you want to go further, if you want to progress, stand up and win, you have to get dirty. To keep what the ball gives you when you can’t control it. Olympiacos got what they wanted against Aris. He got the win. He got the qualification. And now it goes further. It moves for the strong possibility of acquiring extrem. Glancing at the market. Where his… freedom reigns Florian Tovin. Whose name fell on the table! In the first phase, as a proposal…

Olympiacos is a serious “player” in the transfer market. He showed it with the additions he made this year. And he has proven it many times in the Marinaki era. The Red and Whites are looking for a winger who can make a difference. A player whose acquisition can turn the tide. So, from the moment it became known that Toven was on the free agent market, his case could not but reach the hands of the Greek champions.

When a footballer with the talent, the career, the scrolls of Toven, finds himself… circulating freely on the market, there is nothing more normal than to wonder “what if”. The… episodic release of the French winger with the magical left foot, who turned 30 on Thursday (26/01/1993), is a matter that concerns dozens of teams across Europe and beyond. Olympiacos is a club that has shown special, special love to footballers with the profile of the 10-time international winger and world champion with France in 2018. The cases, live, in the current roster (Valbuena, Embilla). It’s not surprising to… explore what if.

The case is not simple. The former leader of Marseille may have been released from the Mexican Tigres (they exceeded the allowed foreigner positions and declared the Argentinian striker Nico Ibanez), but the divorce was episodic, as the player and his lawyers did not leave the “Tigres » to… escape the crazy contract he had signed and which brought him more than €5,000,000 a year. Yesterday the discussions bore fruit, the Frenchman formally signed his… freedom and already started the search for a team to return to Europe.


The information from France states that Nice and Nantes have already moved vigorously to acquire him, while other information is constantly emerging from other countries, with interested parties. But he himself seems to be waiting and not in a hurry. As, we repeat, everything happened very quickly. While Olympiacos also does not seem to have decided whether it will get involved in an extremely difficult case, due to the great competition. Although this has never been an obstacle if the Red and Whites decide to make a player their own. Whatever its name or value. So if the Toven case is possible, if the player agrees to come to Greece, then maybe things will get interesting.

For now, all that exists is placing his name on the Piraeus table. And the fact that a “field” of direct communication can be found. After all, wasn’t that the case in the Valbuena and Embilla cases? In which, quite by chance, the current football manager of Piraeus, Jose Anigo, also took part. The issue is whether Toven is available on the market. If he wants to return to France or continue his wanderings. If he wants to become… Greek. Once this is answered, all queries can be resolved as well.

Toven, who turned 30 the day before yesterday, completed his presence in Tigres with 38 matches, 8 goals and 5 assists, however he did not manage to adapt to the country and for this reason his presence in Mexico did not last more than a month and a half time. The Frenchman is a legend of Marseille (281 matches, 86 goals, 61 assists), he had a notable presence in Bastia (51 matches, 10 goals, 4 assists) and Newcastle (16 matches, 1 goal, 3 assists), in the French National Team he had 10 appearances, 1 goal and 3 assists, while in his career he has made transfers that cost €45,000,000. At the moment, its market value at transfermarkt.dereaches €10,000,000.

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