They did for Van Wert what no other team could, but the Dutchman has to wait

They did for Van Wert what no other team could, but the Dutchman has to wait
They did for Van Wert what no other team could, but the Dutchman has to wait

The top scorer of last year’s championship, Tom Van Wert, is already a player of AEK, the only team that entered the process of buying him. But this is not Volos. What already applies and what will apply after the defeat suffered by the Dutchman.

When a team acquires the top scorer of the league, in theory they have made a safe move of a proven football player. Even if he suffered a contusion that will keep him out of action for the next period.

After all, in the past, even in the small and medium teams that competed in Holland and Denmark, o Tom Van Wert he was a consistently skilled and productive goaltender. The 147 goals in 375 official matches prove the truth.

And yet, over the years, there has never been a team that proceeded to buy him from another club. In 2014 he moved from Den Bosch to Excelsior as a free agent. The same happened in 2016 when he switched to Groningen. In 2018 Aalborg acquired him without paying anything and in the same way he switched to Volos in 2021. AEK became the first team to buy Van Wert from another club, instead of 500,000 euros.

Araujo and the case of Levi Garcia

Of course, this does not imply that the road to the eleven will be easy for the Dutch striker. Especially after his injury. It is clear – from what Matias Almeida has shown us so far – that Sergio Araujo is irreplaceable.

It is also a foregone conclusion that the Argentinian is banking heavily on Levi Garcia’s transition to a forward area and is competitively investing in the Trinidad and Tobago footballer’s impressive physicality and athleticism.


09 September 2022 13:30


At this stage, the priority for Almeida is to ensure the best possible cooperation between Garcia and Araujo. In order to obtain the necessary chemistry, they should play together, training is not enough. With the image they had in the game against Panaitolikos, the Argentine was even more convinced that he is working in the right direction.

Work and patience

It is also notable that during the open training session, the AEK coach used Amrbat near Araujo in tactical exercises, as Garcia was absent due to commitments with his home country’s national team. Perhaps this also says something about the way he is currently thinking.

Be that as it may, the Dutch striker will have to work twice as hard and have a lot of patience before he manages to find a place in the starting line-up. Almeida will continue to build on the work he started with Garcia and Araújo during the pre-season in Holland and Van Wert, when he returns to training for good, will be counted as the first change in the attacking positions, depending on how the match will go.

After all, in the discussions he had with the people of the team, the coach had made it clear that he prefers a player who would be willing to sit on the bench waiting for his turn, having at the same time emphasized that Garcia will develop into the forward that AEK should always have in her 11th grade.

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