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To the mayor of Tempo, the director of Agricultural Economy of P.E. Larisa

To the mayor of Tempo, the director of Agricultural Economy of P.E. Larisa
To the mayor of Tempo, the director of Agricultural Economy of P.E. Larisa

The Mayor of Tempo, Giorgos Manolis, in his office at the Municipality headquarters in Makrychori, was visited by the Director of the Agricultural Economy P.E. Larissa of the Region of Thessaly, Mr. Panagiotis Kalfountzos and Mr. Dimitris Stavridis, head of the Plant Protection Department, in order to inform the Mayor about the implementation of the Dacocide Program in the Municipality of Tempo, as well as general issues of agricultural interest. The meeting was attended by the deputy mayor of D.E. Kato Olympos Mr. Athanasios Vlachos and the person responsible for the murder in the area of ​​D.E. Kato Olympos Mr. Christos Gabouras.

“From the information we received from the Director of D.A.O. P.E. Mr. Kalfuntzos of Larisa and the Head of the Plant Protection department Mr. Stavridis for the course of implementation of this year’s pest control program in our municipality, it was found that the collective control program with bait sprays continues normally throughout the Municipality of Tempo, with this year being characterized by high rates of olive fruiting for most areas”, says Mayor Giorgos Manolis.

At the same time, the Mayor asked the Director of D.A.O. P.E. of Larisa, the assistance of the Service within the framework of its competences, so that the required procedures for the implementation of the educational program for the granting of a driving license and the operation of agricultural machinery (tractors) can be quickly initiated, as too many applications from interested producers for the issuance of a license have been submitted to the Municipality of Tempi tractor driving.

Mr. Manolis, in his relevant statement, thanked the officials of D.A.O. P.E. of Larisa of the Region of Thessaly for their visit and detailed information, as well as for the special interest they show for the farmers of the Municipality of Tempe, while he pointed out their constant readiness to carry out their duties in a timely manner in the adverse conditions that have developed due to general understaffing of public services.

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