Royal wedding for Andrii-born businessman Jimmy Thermiotis

The Thermiotis family on an excursion in 2017 to the Panachrantou Monastery in Andros. In full layout. From grandfather to grandchildren. And the grandson who married the Jordanian princess. Dimitrios (Jimmy) Thermiotis, a young businessman of Andriot origin, was born in 1994 in the distant Caracas, Venezuela, and is the son of Alexandros Thermiotis and Corina Hernandez.


The news of her princess’s impending wedding of Jordan today he would certainly go down in the … small, if only members of the Hashemite dynasty or other blue-blooded Arab houses were involved. However, the daughter of King Abdullah and Queen Rania is set to marry a 29-year-old businessman, originally from Andros.

The reason for Dimitrios (Jimmy) Thermiotis, who after a three-year relationship with the charming Iman bint Abdullah, made the decision to officially ask her in marriage from her parents. The businessman of Greek origin was born in 1994 in the distant Caracas, Venezuela and is the son of Alexandros Thermiotis and Corina Hernandez and the grandson of one of the richest people in Venezuela, who passed away in 2018.

Jimmy (Jammeel) Thermiotis and the Jordanian princess

As we read, Dimitrios Thermiotis the elder was born in 1922 in Andros, where he spent the first years of his life. Due to the survival difficulties faced by many islanders, Thermiotis also made the decision to go abroad, with life sending him to Latin America and more specifically to Venezuela. There he managed to get back on his feet and then build his career, founding a series of companies. Of pivotal importance for the later life of the family was his securing the Dior franchise.

Dimitrios Thermiotis the elder and his wife

Dimitrios Thermiotis married Leonor Felizari and had three children, Alexander, Diana and Katerina. He did not forget Greece and his birthplace, making many trips to Greece. The last time he visited Andros with his family was in 2017, while a year later, specifically in October 2018, the patriarch of the family passed away.

The brave grandfather and his grandson.

According to Bloomberg, 29-year-old Jimmy Thermiotis, or Jameel as his new name is, as he had to convert to Islam, has studied Business Administration at Florida International University, where he also received a Bachelor of Science in Business and is the co-founder of Outbound Ventures LLC, a company of private equity and venture capital in New York.

After graduating from university, he worked at DPM, an asset management company based in New York, and from 2018-2020, he also worked with AMARLA, as Head of Business Development based in Athens, Greece. The company is one of the largest retailers operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Jimmy (Jameel) Thermiotis with his brothers at the Nautical Club in Andros a few years ago

The couple met in New York as Princess Iman recently finished her studies at Georgetown University, where her father and King Felipe VI also studied. A few months ago, the Royal Court announced the couple’s engagement, with Queen Rania noting: “Congratulations my dear Iman. Your smile has always been a gift of love that I cherish since the day you were born. I wish you and Jameel a life full of love and laughter!”

For his part, the princess’ brother and heir to the throne, Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, expressed “heartfelt congratulations to my dear sister Iman and her fiance Jameel on their engagement. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.”

The couple with Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II

Outbound Ventures LLC

Based in New York, Thermiotis’ firm began with investments in the technology, health and food, health and education sectors, targeting startups. According to the company’s website, investments have been made in more than 20 companies, including Wethos, Fleur Marche, Nabis, Pair Eyewear, Maude, Spero, For Days, Indie Boost, Unbound, Ayr and Lambda School.

Outbound Ventures LLC, has just 7 employees and has soared to $5 million a year in revenue. Its placements have increased to 54 and now cover a wider business field aimed at the new generation, Millennials and Boomers.

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