Modern day slavery conditions proposed by Indian CEO

Modern day slavery conditions proposed by Indian CEO
Modern day slavery conditions proposed by Indian CEO

An obscurantist mentality seems to govern an Indian director of a large company who, if nothing else, with his statements puts the concept of flexibility in the labor market on ice, trampling on the basic freedoms of young workers.

At a time when efforts are being made to ensure that young people can be treated fairly in a chaotic work environment that prevails in most countries of the world, its founder Bombay Shaving CompanySantanu Despande, asked the young people to… work 18 hours a day and “worship” like a religion their work, avoiding complaints.

The specific positions caused an uproar in many countries after the boss’s online posting, since they are in complete contrast to logic and the rules of ethics and health.

The Indian CEO of a shaving products company suggested that new employees in any job should work 18 hours a day for the first four to five years of their career in a large company.

A fierce backlash followed on social media, with him accused of promoting a “toxic work culture”.

The new post: “Oh, so much hate for 18-hour workdays”

In his LinkedIn post on Tuesday, he argued that it is “early” for young people to think about maintaining a work-life balance early in their careers.

However, following widespread criticism of his comment, Despande re-commented on his post.

“Oh, so much hate for 18-hour workdays. It’s a substitute for ‘giving it your all and then some,’” he retweeted, implying he was speaking metaphorically.

He also said that those wondering about the work culture at his company are welcome to talk to his employees to “enlighten” them.

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