Shock… in “heroic Crimea”: They made love on the bar in front of 100 people (video)

Shock… in “heroic Crimea”: They made love on the bar in front of 100 people (video)
Shock… in “heroic Crimea”: They made love on the bar in front of 100 people (video)

The case of a “couple” who made love on the bar table (photos, above and below, from the pre-investigative material of the Sevastopol Ministry of Internal Affairs), in front of the patrons during a youth party, in Sevastopol, Crimea, has developed into a thriller.

In prison

The police have already identified the “perpetrator” – this is a 32-year-old who works as a bar security guard –, who was arrested and is already in prison, accused of hooliganism and “illegal distribution of pornographic material or objects”.

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The case has reached great proportions as the video of the sexual act has been circulated on social media, while the police are looking for the 32-year-old’s “partner”.

As a shocking incident, the website reports, the incident in a nightclub in Sevastopol, on the night between August 5 and 6, where the barman made public love with one of his patrons right on the counter.

They were shocked

He recalls, in fact, that the inhabitants of the heroic city were shocked by the spicy incident. A guest at the youth party and an eyewitness to the hot incident, he stated that “during the party, a girl climbed onto the bar counter, undressed and had sex with one of the store guards”, pointing out that “the couple made love shamelessly in front from the track”.

For about twenty minutes, the couple made love right in front of the crowd. They were not embarrassed by the screams of the audience and shooting on the phone. But the evening performance did not end there.

“We’re shocked” said another patron, because “they weren’t even embarrassed by the presence of more than a hundred people” and mentioned that the bar managers and other security guards while some even cheered them on.

“While monitoring the media and the Internet, police officers uncovered a video in which a man and a girl commit sexual acts while in a public place – in one of the city’s entertainment centers,” a press office of the Sevastopol Interior Ministry said in a statement. .

He doesn’t remember anything

“The police have started looking for the participants in the video,” the ministry’s announcement notes, and emphasizes that the protagonists of the incident will be prosecuted, according to the third part of article 242 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for “Illegal dissemination and circulation of pornographic material or objects”.

The security guard and protagonist of the pink episode was located by the police, arrested and will spend 15 days in jail, according to the provisions of the law.

He stated that he was quite drunk that night, so he doesn’t even remember how he ended up in the bar without pants.

“How it all happened, I don’t really remember, because I was quite drunk. I ended up at the bar with a girl with whom this event happened – an event of a sexual nature. I didn’t know the girl,” he said.

“At the time I didn’t pay attention to my actions as I was in a state of euphoria and didn’t understand what they might mean,” he told police (video, below).

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