Thodoris Atheridis: “I have tasted more than I dreamed of”

Thodoris Atheridis: “I have tasted more than I dreamed of”
Thodoris Atheridis: “I have tasted more than I dreamed of”

“Football” for Sissy Christidou’s premiere on the show “Smile Again” was made by Thodoris Atheridis who talked about his career in the field of theater, television and the Emerald Coconut.

He himself does not consider that he has ever ridden the cane. “Athletes are something specific, in our business, and getting an Oscar just means you’re good. Not that you are better than everyone else. There are people who are more talented than you and they haven’t tasted this. Luck, she believes, played a big role as she was the right person in the right places. Luck determines things 90%. The strongest point of my career was “I Love You, You Love Me” but also “Agamoi Thytes”.

However, he does not think that luck played a role in his meeting with Smaragda Karydis. “With Smaragda it was no luck. Life brings those two people who meet when they have common needs. To me luck is like God’s secret plan. In the sense of the mysterious. I believe that things are organized in a way and there is a plan for it.”

He also talked about the way he has found to deal with the things that stress him. “You come and it annoys me. Automatic reaction is to fall for her. If there I understand that the problem is yours and not mine I will leave. I won’t get upset. As a grandmother used to say, if you get angry, you’ll get twice as much trouble. One to get angry and one to get angry.”

Thodoris Atheridis also mentioned the Comedy Lessons he presents in the theater. “Writing is the way he has found to filter what you want to say and don’t know it. As psychologists say ‘write to define feeling’, sort of. In order for this to be done nicely and correctly, you must be filled with this need.”

Regarding his dreams he said “I have tasted more than I dreamed of”.

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