The trapper Trannos had a car accident in Vouliagmenis

Trannos: Road accident for the trapper – The state of his health and the cancellation of his appearances

The trapper Trannos was involved in a traffic accident on Friday night (3/9) on Vouliagmenis Avenue, at the height of Kalymnos street. Trannos was taken to a private hospital.

As reported by, three cars were involved in the traffic accident, including the Trannos jeep. The trapper’s manager confirmed the accident through Instagram and announced that his shows will be postponed. The website reports that the crash site is a short distance from where Mad Clip died a year ago. According to accounts, many of his fans were speeding past the spot where he was killed, playing his songs loudly.

Trapper Trannos was taken to a private clinic, where he is being treated out of danger.

“Ladies and friends, a few hours ago Trannos was involved in a traffic accident with his jeep. He is being treated as a precaution at Metropolitan, as well his health is not in any danger. Because of the above, unfortunately his upcoming appearances will not take place, until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and we will keep you informed of the development of the situation,” his manager initially wrote on Instagram and added a little later that today the trapper will remain in the hospital for precautionary reasons.

Trannos: Video of the car accident


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