Burhan Baran: I completely rehash the “Turkish minority” in Thrace

Burhan Baran: I completely rehash the “Turkish minority” in Thrace
Burhan Baran: I completely rehash the “Turkish minority” in Thrace

In his posts on Twitter, he says: “Completely redoing recent content post which has already been removed from all my social media accounts. I express my regret for the disturbance and occasion which, against my will, I have given for negative comments to me and mainlyto lining up which I represent as MP of Xanthi».

He added that he respects absolutely and unreservedly so Constitution of Greece and the Greek legislation, which specifically regulates the institution of the mufti, after the recent amendment, which, as he said, “as a member of parliament of PASOK I also publicly supported in Parliament”.

“The Muslim minority enjoys recognition from the Greek State, without any exception or discrimination concerning the civil and civil rights“, he pointed out.

He concluded by saying that: “henceforth and in order to avoid any misunderstanding of my positions or my intentions, I declare that I will not participate in any process that encourages the opposite of the above».

The MP, in his text on social media which was written in Turkish, stated that he is a member of “Advisory Committee of the Turkish Minority of Western Thrace(BTTA Danışma Kurulu), a term used by Ankara.

This issue was raised by the member of the ND, Tasos Hatzivasileiou.

As Mr. Hatzivasiliou said on SKAI television, Mr. Baran in his post in Turkish spoke of a “Turkish” minority in Thrace and called on the Muslims of Xanthi to vote for next weekone of them potential liars.

“PASOK and the leadership of PASOK are wondering: Does it agree with what its MP says? Do they respect or not respect the laws of the Greek state? Do they recognize the legal mufti who is chosen each time by the Greek state, or do they recognize the pseudo-mufti resident of Ankara?” said the ND MP.

ND: Let Androulakis take his place

The mishap of the PASOK-KINAL MP caused a stir storm reactions, with New Democracy to issues a relevant announcement in which he asks Nikos Androulakis to take a clear position.

“The Muslim PASOK member of parliament in Xanthi, Burhan Baran, in his public post, declares himself a member of the “Advisory Committee of the Turkish Minority of Western Thrace” (BTTA Danışma Kurulu), announces the pseudo-muftis candidates and invites Greek Muslims to come to the “elections” in 9/9. In addition, he boldly declares that he will stand by the side of whoever is elected,” the announcement states and adds:

It is a shame that a Greek MP actually calls the minority “Turkish” and to motivate Muslim citizens to participate in the elections for the new pseudo-mufti of Xanthi, i.e. the one not recognized by the state».

“The president of PASOK should take a stand: Why is he detaining a member of parliament who recognizes the minority as “Turkish”? Do PASOK respect Greek legislation or not? Do they respect or not the legal procedure for electing a mufti, which the Parliament voted on a few weeks ago?“, emphasizes the announcement of New Democracy.

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