Gazprom: The Nord Stream tap opens again on Saturday

Gazprom: The Nord Stream tap opens again on Saturday
Gazprom: The Nord Stream tap opens again on Saturday

Her announcement offers “respite” – even if only temporarily Gazprom that he will open the gas tap again for him Nord Streamallaying fears that the Moscow could decide to cut off gas supplies after the last maintenance period

However, Europe remains on alert for a difficult winter, with rising prices destroying the continent’s economies. Germany has said it cannot count on Russian gas at all during the colder months and the government is bracing for another cut in the gas flow.

THE Gazprom said that the unique working turbine at the Nord Stream entry point must undergo technical maintenance every 1,000 hours. This is approximately every 42 days, with subsequent checks scheduled in between October.

The shipping orders, published by the pipeline operator, indicate flows are expected to resume from 2 a.m. (GMT) on Saturday at 20 percent of normal capacity, on par with the period before the work, Bloomberg notes. Orders do not guarantee actual flows and it usually takes time for supplies to return to planned levels.

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak noted Thursday that the country is on schedule, according to the news service Tass.

Gazprom cut supplies through it Nord Stream in July, shortly after seasonal pipeline maintenance, citing technical issues.

Flows were halted Wednesday for checks on the only working turbine that helps pump gas into the pipeline. Normally, it uses six large turbines and two smaller ones, but this summer most of the equipment was taken out of service with Gazprom citing international sanctions that halted maintenance and repairs.

THE European Union he is preparing anyway for the difficult things to come. The scramble to stockpile natural gas for the coming period has seen replenishment rates reach the target, two months ahead of schedule, easing the immediate threat.

The lower consumption, combined with higher natural gas reserves and supplies from alternatives sourcescould help offset Russia’s risks for now.

However, his frequent pauses Nord Stream it would be an indicator of how far Russia is willing to go, which means more risks this winter – especially if it’s cold.

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