Germany: Fuel prices skyrocket again

Germany: Fuel prices skyrocket again
Germany: Fuel prices skyrocket again

The three-month fuel tax cut in Germany ended yesterday. Fuel prices return to high levels: over 2 euros for unleaded and up to 2.30 for diesel.

September starts with bad news for drivers in Germany. After three months of lower motor fuel prices, prices are back at high levels after a three-month fuel tax rebate expired as part of relief measures to tackle the energy crisis.

As of midnight, the rise in unleaded petrol and diesel prices was felt across Germany, according to a first assessment by the German Automobile Association ADAC at 400 German gas stations from Hamburg and Berlin to Munich.

As of today, the price of gasoline, regular and super, exceeds two euros again, while the price of diesel ranges from 2.10 to 2.30 euros. Although the benefits of the three-month tax credit of 35 cents are still evident in the fuel market, experts expect a bigger increase in fuel prices in the coming days, for example around 17 cents for unleaded petrol.

Risk of profiteering and unfair competition

In the meantime, representatives of the petrol station industry are already sounding the alarm about cases of profiteering, unfair competition between large chains and small petrol stations.

At the same time, economists estimate that the return to more expensive motor fuels combined with the end of the three-month movement card of 9 euros throughout Germany, inflation may once again climb to the heights.

However, ADAC advises drivers in Germany to compare fuel prices at several stations before buying, warning at the same time of a “dynamic development in the area of ​​motor fuel prices” in the near future.

Dimitra Kyranoudis, Berlin

Source: Deutsche Welle

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