What is the pillow manifestation? Does it work and how do I do it?

What is the pillow manifestation that all of TikTok is drinking water in its name? It’s essentially a Manifestation technique that I’ve written countless topics about, analyzed, praised many times in the past, just a little more specialized. Manifestation is the whole mindset, it is the way you set your mind to think and it deserves a little more analysis.

What is pillow manifestation?

In two words, you write on a piece of paper what you want to attract, manifest to you, come to you, specifically, as specifically as you can and put it under your pillow before you sleep. That’s all. This is the technique and even a small child can do it. There is nothing difficult in how you will do the steps. The point is to understand the process of your mind. That is, the mentally part.

I’ve never used the technique to tell you whether or not the manifestation with a pad will work. To tell you my honest truth, it’s a bit childish in its approach and I think it’s a bit funny to expect to accept something because you just put it under your pillow.

Manifestation in general as a technique is energy. Energy you send and energy you receive back. I’ve tried it, and as many times as I’ve done it consistently, I’ve gotten results back, even the ones I manifest.

Is the pillow a spontaneity?

Trying to make sense of this new technique… I can understand that some people might have it, although we should also be a little skeptical of those who say they just did it and it worked. However, I know for sure that, even for those who may have had an effect on pillow manifestation, it was more their subconscious before sleep, or their belief that what they wanted would come, that helped more, than the pillow itself. We are clearly talking about self-submission, like the placebo cases noted in the medical literature.

Is there an easy way to Manifest, without notebooks and writing?

Believe it

Faith is all you need. Faith in the process, faith in you. Once you decide what you want, because this is also a beginning of course, you will see that your needs will begin to align with your mind and with your next moves. Let’s say you want to weigh a certain weight, in the present tense you will say that you are your ideal weight, or that you have a tight and healthy body, or that you are the person who eats a certain type of diet.

This “fairy tale” that you tell in your mind and convince it is true, this is what it will try to bring to your surface. Make it your reality. And that’s how your lifestyle becomes your new truth and this truth and your actions give you these results, what you have manifested.

Some make a manifesto for their life partner. You cannot interfere with anyone’s free will, except your own mind and heart. And they are neither magic nor unreal things, they are actions, way of thinking and results. If you think you are big, ugly, fat, unlovable, incapable of loving and being loved, that is what you will attract. All the people who are in relationships today have by their side, the people they thought they deserved to have.

Decide what you want your man to have, what internal and external characteristics, how you want him to treat you, how you will be when you are together, create a little story in your mind, an ideal scenario and not have a relationship in your life just for don’t be alone and that’s what you will invoke. Be sure that you deserve to be loved and loved regardless of external factors.

Worth a try

Believe it or not, or you think these don’t work why don’t you do it once consistently for 5 days to see what happens? You have nothing to lose. Just be careful what you wish for!

How by manifesting we attract to us what we want most in our lives

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