Evia: Mourning after the death of a 10-month-old baby from an electric shock

Evia: Mourning after the death of a 10-month-old baby from an electric shock
Evia: Mourning after the death of a 10-month-old baby from an electric shock

The residents of Argyros in the Municipality of Kymi – Aliveri in Evia remain numb, after the tragic death of a 10-month-old baby from an electric shock.

The death was instantaneous for the baby who had just started walking, while the revelation of the mother on Live News is shocking, that if her little one had worn shoes, maybe she would be alive today.

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“They told me that because he wasn’t wearing shoes he got grounded, they kind of said, if he was wearing shoes he wouldn’t get electrocuted. It was barefoot I was told and that’s why it hit it. Now he walked, now, now, he couldn’t with shoes,” says the child’s tragic mother.

Experienced experts explain to MEGA exactly what happened to the 10-month-old girl, who for a few seconds put her fingers between the mosquito net and the outlet and was fatally electrocuted.

“What apparently happened is that the child’s fingers came into contact with the electricity from the device. He was barefoot, shorted to earth and electrocuted. It is the definition of electric shock,” said electrician Angelos Konturgiannis.

“If he had worn shoes he would have been saved”

The parents are in a state of shock after they learned from the doctors that if their baby had worn shoes in the house, he might now be alive.

“If you are not in contact with the earth, the circuit with the earth is not closed, so you feel the current, but you are not killed. So very likely if he had been wearing shoes he would have been saved”, Mr. Konturgiannis emphasized.

However, the little girl was not wearing any clothes, as a result of which the high voltage of the current dissipated in her small body.

“The current penetrates the device, passes through the body and goes to earth. At that moment the heart goes into shock. Atrial fibrillation occurs and the person dies,” he explained.

Doctors from the Aliveri Health Center explain to Live News that in such cases of electric shock, fatality is inevitable.

“His brain cells had died. I don’t know if there was a doctor on site at the time if he could have done anything.”

“He was in the stage where he was getting up… He was going from crawling to getting up. She put her fingers in a mosquito net, the child was thrown back, my wife pulled her, she called me, we brought her to the health center, she was breathing, finally the doctor comes out and tells me it’s over. It was instant dude,'” the child’s father said.

The relay that saves lives

This part does not protect cables and devices, but only people, life, that is why it has become mandatory.

Since 2006, the so-called relay has become mandatory, although most households do not have one, with tenants even declaring ignorance of its existence.

As Mr. Koutourgiannis explains, this switch saves lives and prevents accidents.

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