The princess of Spain is in love with Gavi

The princess of Spain is in love with Gavi
The princess of Spain is in love with Gavi

She is the heir to the throne of Spain and he is its big star Barcelona.

The princess Leonor where is the eldest daughter of King Philip VI of Spain and Queen Letitia of Spain is in love with Gavi! Leonor is 17 years old and the Barcelona and Spain national team footballer is 18.

As AS writes in Spain, Gavi is the great sympathy of the princess who has made an album with his photos from Barcelona and Spain.

Recently King Philip received a signed jersey from Gavi which they say in Spain was a gift for Leonor.

Many noticed that the size of the shirt Gavi gave the King after Spain’s 7-0 thrashing of Costa Rica was not for him but for the princess.

The Princess of Asturias attends the Atlantic School in Glamorgan, Wales and is next in line to the Spanish throne. Leonor had a relationship with a young Brazilian but due to distance the romance ended due to distance.

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