World Cup 2022, Argentina: In the land of Diego and Lionel

World Cup 2022, Argentina: In the land of Diego and Lionel
World Cup 2022, Argentina: In the land of Diego and Lionel

Messi’s Argentina is entering the battle of the World Cup with the aim of the glory that Maradona gave 36 years ago. What are the achievements of the two in the World Cups?

Drums beat, flags wave and an overjoyed “albiseleste” crowd lets loose. His own song gives color and pulse to the streets of Doha. At the same time, however, it puts an end to a seemingly endless football comparison. “I was born in Argentina, in the land of Diego and Lionel”says the first verse. “And Diego, we can see him in the sky (…) he will be cheering for Lionel”, says the latter. The two icons of Argentine football have never really stood up to each other and their countrymen seem to accept that.

World Cup achievements, however, for better or for worse, define the narrative. THE Argentina Messi’s – almost ironically – in the first World Cup where the Maradona will watch from above, looking more capable than ever to make it to the end. The journey begins opposite the Saudi Arabia (22/11-12:00) and gives us a good reason to take a look at what the two emblematic “10” of the Albiceleste have achieved in the World Cups.

THE Maradona competed in four World Cups. In Spain in 1982, in Mexico in 1986, in Italy in 1990 and in the United States of America in 1994. In 82′ he made his debut in the competition. He managed to count two consecutive finals in 86′ and 90′, with the end of the first naturally finding him victorious against West Germany and World Champion. In 90′ the Germans took their revenge and forced it Argentina to remain with the title of… finalist, while in 94′ the ephedrine that was detected in his sample ingloriously put him out of the competition. In total, he has played 21 matches, and in fact more than… full, since he played an average of 92 minutes per game.

In these he managed to be involved in 16 goals, achieving the perfect balance, after scoring eight times and serving as many times. Of course, his most special goal was the… goal of the century, in the quarter-final against England in 1986. Of his assists, the most historic is undoubtedly the vertical pass to Burusaga for the 3-2 against the West Germany in the final in Mexico. All in all, he managed to score 13.2% of his final efforts and contributed to the overall functioning of his team with 3.2 key passes every 90 minutes.

In four World Cup so far he has also participated Lionel Messi, who is now headed for his fifth and final, as he himself has admitted. He has been to the World Cup in 2006 in Germany, in 2010 in South Africa, in 2014 in Brazil and in 2018 in Russia. In his debut at the institution, he made promises, but the Argentina was excluded from Germany in the quarterfinals. Exactly the same thing happened in 2010 with him Messiunder his instructions Maradona, not being able to find a net. In 2014 with terrible performances he led his team to the final, he got as close as he could but the Germans hurt him again in extra time. In 2018, his national team was stopped by France in the round of 16.

In these four competitions he played in 19 games, playing an average of 86 minutes. In the institution, he has six goals and five assists, without having managed to score, however, in the knockout phase of World Cup. His most impressive goal is his terrific shot from outside the area just before the end of the match with Iran which in 2014 secured her qualification Argentinian in the knockouts. His assist on the goal was also extremely important Angel Di Maria in the 118th minute of extra time against Switzerland which sent the Albiceleste to the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Brazil. On average he manages to net it 8.3% of his final efforts while his legs “find” 2.8 key passes every 90 minutes.

THE Messi he has been bitter a few times in the World Cups, but his footballing value cannot be “weighed” on this basis alone, which also applies to Maradona who tasted the joy of his conquest World Cup. Even in Argentinain the land of Diego and Lionel, seem to have overcome their… dilemma and-especially after Copa America of 2021—to place their two legends in the same sentence. After all, as long as the lips of their fans sing the names of both, the only thing that is certain is that their legacy will remain eternal.

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