The personal story that shocked the judges

The personal story that shocked the judges
The personal story that shocked the judges

The auditions of MasterChef 2023 are completed and the last aspiring MasterChefs found themselves in front of the three judges, Panos Ioannidis, Sotiris Kontizas and Leonidas Koutsopoulos.

The goal, what else, the white apron that leads directly to the Masterchef house.

For one more day, the contestants were challenged to outdo themselves, overcome any culinary insecurities and prove themselves worthy of the white apron.

31-year-old Giorgos Loukas, from Limassol, identifies himself with the famous director George Loukas since they have the same name in English, he cooked sea bream with glazed vegetables for his audition.

Before cooking for the chefs and judges, George, with his unique energy, revealed that when he was 15 years old he had a brain tumor, in the nerve of his eye and he fought for two years, beating the cancer.

After he sang Alcisti Protopsaltis with Leonidas Koutsopoulos, the chef and judge commented that the dish lacked intensity, both in the vegetables and in the fish. “The dish is tasteless” he told him, with Giorgos stating that he was alienated by this comment.

George didn’t make it through to the next stage and although he was upset, he promised to try to make it to the televised cooking competition next year.

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