Eftychia confesses to the murder tonight in the Land of Olives

Eftychia confesses to the murder in tonight’s episode of the series, The Land of Olives! The heroine, seeing that the police found Anestis’ body, decides to tell Apostolis the whole truth, despite Anna’s objections. How does the hero react to hearing her?

What will we see tonight 21/9 in the Land of Olives?

A body is found on the beach. Lycurgus goes to the morgue to see if it is the girl who was murdered before his eyes. Aspasia and Areti fill Mani’s neighborhoods with posters of Eva that irreparably expose her. Ismeni divorces Konstantinos, sending him back her wedding dress.

Aris plays all his cards with Eftychia, but she rejects him, telling him that she is not yet ready to enter into a romantic relationship. Chrysoula sets up a scheme to make more money through her new job at Christos’s tavern. Isidore, Manos and Iulia are called as prosecution witnesses in Athena’s trial. However, they decide to remain neutral.

The Land of Olives: The Big Reveal Tonight - Eutychia confesses to murder

Finally, Eftychia, tonight in the series The Land of Olives, confesses the murder of Anestis to Apostolis, who loses the ground under his feet listening to her.

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