20 people are out of a job at the Panarkadian Hospital

20 people are out of a job at the Panarkadian Hospital
20 people are out of a job at the Panarkadian Hospital

At the Panarkadian Hospital 20 workers are out of work, from the food sector, who have been contributing to its smooth operation for years. Its feeding is undertaken by a contracting crew, while until then the specific project was carried out by workers who were hired with individual employment contracts of two years duration, based on specific criteria and under the control of the Supreme Personnel Selection Board (ASEP).

This was the case under the SYRIZA government, however, the ND government decided to initiate the abolition of this institutional framework and to restore the contracting teams to the National Health System.

However, in this way, decent wages and suitable working conditions were ensured for the staff of the Hospitals’ support services, while at the same time the public interest was protected, since fixed-term employment contracts have a clearly reduced fiscal cost, in relation to contractual contracts, and entail the provision of better services in areas of critical importance for the operation of Hospitals, such as guarding, feeding and cleaning.

The Arcadia MP of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance George Papailiou, emphasizes, among other things, that “the reinstatement of the problematic status of the contracting workshops, through which workers are exploited and public money wasted, does not allow tenders to be held for the recruitment of contractors in the sectors (of security), feeding and cleaning , with increased scoring for those with relevant experience. To this end, political will and legislative initiative are required. Government policy, consisting of a combination of extreme neoliberal dogmatism and the influence of specific business interests in the field of health, is the opposite. But this, with the struggle of the workers, must and will have a short expiration date.”

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