Roberto Carlos in Gazzetta: “Marcelo will drive Greece crazy!”

Roberto Carlos in Gazzetta: “Marcelo will drive Greece crazy!”
Roberto Carlos in Gazzetta: “Marcelo will drive Greece crazy!”

The legend of Real Madrid and Brazilian football, Roberto Carlos, spoke to Gazzetta about Marcelo and Olympiakos, stressing that he is coming to Greece to do great things.

THE Olympic fired on Friday night the “bomb” Marcelo, a transfer that is going around the world and has caused a huge sensation. Even to the “legends” of Real Madrid, even to himself Roberto Carlos. Marcelo was in a sense his successor at the “Queen” and the Brazilian National Team, but he carved his own, separate path. He lifted five Champions Leagues and six Championships, developed his style, became more than a top level left back, putting new elements in the position. And this is something that Roberto Carlos also admits.

The Gazzetta spoke to him on Saturday morning and although the time wasn’t quite right, he was happy to give his opinion on Marcelo and his transfer to Olympiakos, which of course he was fully informed about and happy about his next step his countryman. “It is a huge transfer, not only for Greece, but also for Europe. THE Marcelo it is not just a very big name that comes to Olympiakos. He is indeed 34, but I can tell you that he is at his best (s.s. at his best moment literally), he has enthusiasm and a lot of appetite to do great things in another country, he wants to play football and in Olympiakos I believe he will find the space to impress everyone,” the 49-year-old initially told us.

Marcelo – Olympiacos: Leadership, history, spectacle

Roberto Carlos experienced the environment of Real Madrid for 9 years. In another era, but with the Merengues always aiming for the top regardless of the competition. He himself lifted the Champions League three times, won championships, won the World Cup in 2002. He knows well that in order to win the demanding audience of the Bernabeu, he must be really top. “Marcelo is considered one of the greatest players to wear the shirt of Real Madrid. Not only in the position I played too, in general. You understand how big this is and what it takes to make it happen. He was adored in Madrid and I believe the same will happen at Olympiakos, because apart from football, he is a very great person.”

What will Marcelo bring to Olympiakos? “Leadership, history, spectacle. Quite a sight. Marcelo can drive the whole of Greece crazy with the way he plays football and he brings his great history to Olympiakos, this helps the team in many ways. He always succeeds and makes people love him.”

As for his own succession as the leading left-back, Carlos has previously emphasized that the new signing of the “red and whites” has had a better career than him. This time he did not make such a comparison, but told us: “I understand why he was considered my successor and it is true, although his style is different, as is football in general. But what he has achieved is really great. He is the top in his position in recent years and one of the top in the world in general. And it comes to Greece in very good condition. As I told you, it’s a really, really big transfer.”

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