Drugs, money and 4 arrests in Zefyri, Menidi

Four arrests in an operation by the Drug Enforcement Administration in Menidi and Zefyri. 1.5 kilos of heroin were seized, as well as a taxi used for trafficking.

Specifically, in Menidi and Zephyri, two men aged 31 and 53 and two women aged 50 and 34 were arrested, as part of the spontaneous procedure, on the charge of violating the legislation on addictive substances. At the same time, a 36-year-old man was identified and is being sought.


According to ELAS, the 31-year-old was found to be in possession, for the purpose of trafficking and on behalf of the other defendants, in a taxi (!), three packages of heroin weighing 1,240 grams, as well as another package, carefully hidden in a specially designed crypt behind from the screen of the vehicle’s stereo system, which contained 265 grams of heroin.

In the operation to combat drug trafficking, on Thursday night (22.09.2022), police officers from the Directorate of Police Operations of Attica, OPKE, as well as a police dog, also participated.


Watch ELAS video:

As ascertained by the police investigation, the 31-year-old received the specific quantities from the house of the 53-year-old and the 50-year-old woman, through the other defendants, while they hid them in the taxi for the purpose of further drug trafficking.

In total, five house searches were carried out, where, according to ELAS, they confiscated: 1,505 grams of heroin, a precision scale, two cars, one of which was a taxi, the sum of 3,204.8 euros, 5 mobile phones, a recording device and 5 cameras security.

Those arrested will be taken to the Criminal Prosecutor of Athens.

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