Balkans: “War” broke out between Rama and Bulgaria

Balkans: “War” broke out between Rama and Bulgaria
Balkans: “War” broke out between Rama and Bulgaria

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama (photo, from has advised Bulgaria’s foreign ministry to find a good interpreter after earlier Wednesday the ministry criticized his statement at the Bled forum on August 29-30 that Bulgaria has blocked the start of Albania’s accession negotiations with the EU for 8 years.


The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs categorically rejects his suggestions as unacceptable and him for “indecent behavior of a prime minister of a candidate country for EU membership”, Deputy Foreign Minister Konstantin Kogyabasev says in a statement.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria has already expressed its position on the anti-Bulgarian rhetoric of Edi Rama, which has become a permanent refrain of his political speech, the Bulgarian diplomacy points out.

Now, it is combined with an anti-European focus and an attempt to trivialize the mechanisms of the European process.

The statements reveal misunderstandings about the political meaning of relations in the region and the European integration process.

This is clearly either a lack of European communication skills or a deliberate incitement of anti-European sentiments, the announcement emphasizes.

Bulgaria reserves the right to react in an appropriate way to the behavior of the Albanian prime minister, following the principles of international and European law, it added.

Answer Rama

Edi Rama was quick to react, saying in a social media post that someone should calmly translate his statement, which contains the same comments as in June.

“If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria had nothing more important today than a public statement about something I said at a Bled Strategy Forum panel, I can only take it as a great compliment to the forum and the committee, including myself my! But seriously, this is not worth it,” Rama tweeted.

He added: “Perhaps someone should help our friends at the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry with a calm translation of my statement in Bled about how Bulgaria is preventing the opening of accession negotiations for Albania and North Macedonia, when all others finally agreed after 8 years! I just repeated the same things I said in June.”

Message to the EU

During his participation in the “Strategic Forum Bled”, in Slovenia, commenting on the consequences of the war in Ukraine, Edi Rama called on the EU not to abandon the Balkan countries in times of crisis, as it did with vaccines during the COVID- 19 when he completely forgot about the area.

According to Rama’s words, quoted by Albanian media, if it were not for the help of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, more lives would have been lost.


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