Is a global blackout coming on September 24? How the theory began

Is a global blackout coming on September 24? How the theory began
Is a global blackout coming on September 24? How the theory began

A conspiracy theory has been flooding the TikTok platform lately, with many users claiming there will be one global blackout on that particular day.

Countless users of TikTok, Facebook and Twitter claim that on Saturday (24/09) there will be a global blackoutwhich will cause total recovery of the economy but also politics.

People on the internet are reporting that the blackouts may occur from a major natural disaster, from a nuclear attack, a storm or a major cyber attack.

How did the theory begin? for the global black out

THE baseless theory started with his viral video German MP, Friedrich Mertz, who speaks vaguely about the significance of that particular date.

Specifically, Friedrich Mertz in his speech stated that “Everyone will remember where they were on September 24thHowever, this is a mistake by the German MP, as he meant her February 24ththat is, the day Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began.

However, the people who heard his speech immediately believed that the German government was implying that it existed some secret plansomething important that will happen on that particular day.

The theory took on other dimensions when in an episode of The Simpsonsin season 24, references were made to September 24 and the end of the world.

The “warnings” of users of TikTok

Many TikTok users then started to warn the world to prepare, as according to their words “something will happen on September 24”.

“I don’t know what will happen, i guess there will be a big blackout on september 24th“, said one person with in a TikTok video.

Another user, tells people to packs up and leaves as he says he “has some inside information”.

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