Ankara insists on high tones: Cavusoglu fires for F-16

Ankara maintains the incendiary rhetoric, in the wake of his attack Turku president Recep Tayyip Erdogan with extreme characterizations against Greece from the floor of the UN General Assembly and a few hours before the speech of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in New York. The Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu fired shots again at Greece over the supply issue F-16 from Ankara, while he emphasized that his country will not proceed with an agreement with the USA that “ties its hands”.

In particular, he said that, in the technical and political negotiations for the F-16s, Ankara is declaring that “we will not be in an agreement that ties our hands.” “Well, we’ll take the F-16s. ‘Use them this way, use them that way’, ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do the other’… It is not acceptable for a NATO member to impose such a restriction on another NATO member,” noted the Turkish Foreign Minister.

He also said that “we know that some lobbies here, especially after the arrival of the Greek Prime Minister in Washington, some lobbies like the Greek lobby and the Armenian lobby, opposed it. We know they are trying to block it. But at the moment, it is a true fact that there are lobbies that support Turkey as well.”

Erdogan’s new extremes

There were new extremes on the part of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In his post, the Turkish president said that “we have not forgotten and will never forget the massacre of Tripoli, which took place on September 23, 1821, in which thousands of Muslim Turks, our Albanian brothers and Jews were brutally murdered.”

“Greece is following us”

Besides, in his statements after the Friday prayer, the Turkish president claimed that Turkey has a stronger communication network with the world, with Greece trying to follow it. In response to a journalist’s question about the establishment by Greece of a communications directorate “for the purpose of propaganda in the global media, against Turkey’s positions”, the Turkish president said: “Let him do it”.

The president of Turkey added: “She (Greece) has a communications directorate but we don’t? Our communication direction is much stronger, at this point, it has created a much better network of communication with the world. And he still does. They follow us from behind, like wagons.”

Ankara insists on high tones: Cavusoglu fires for F-16-3

It is recalled that from the UN platform, Tayyip Erdoğan attacked on Tuesday with extreme characterizations against Greece regarding the refugee situation and the relations between the two countries in the Aegean, further escalating the tension with Athens. This action is seen as part of Turkey’s concerted effort to defame Greece in all forums and on a range of issues, which Ankara has adopted in recent months.

The president of Turkey in his speech initially referred to the refugee issue and stated that “Greek atrocities are increasing in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean. While we are fighting to prevent the deaths of babies, Greece is turning the Aegean into a refugee graveyard with its illegal and reckless pushbacks.” Mr Erdogan, holding up photographs of dead children, showed them to the audience and declared that “last week, 4-year-old Abdul Wahab and 9-month-old Asim died along with their families when the Greek coast guard sank their inflatable boat. The time has come for Europe and the UN to stop these acts of violence which are crimes against humanity.”

Ankara insists on high tones: Cavusoglu fires for F-16-4

In his speech, the Turkish president did not go into the details of Turkey’s claims in the Aegean, but said that “those who make a show of force in the region, are not equal and are not related neither militarily nor politically, they put themselves in a ridiculous position. In the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean, the continuation of peace and security depends on respecting the rights and interests of all,” Mr. Erdogan stressed, adding: “We call on Greece to stop its policy of provocation and tension and to hear our calls for cooperation and support”.

“Turkey defends its rights and interests in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean to the end, it will not get caught in the games of those who follow a strategy of tension with the aim of political expediency”, he underlined. He continued by calling on the international community to recognize the occupied Cyprus as the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” and spoke of “oppression against the Turkish Cypriots” with the embargoes, which “must stop”. Turkey’s president claimed that Greece also follows “policies of oppression and discrimination” against the Muslim “Turkish minority”.

Strict response to Ankara, through Mitsotakis speech at the UN

The new escalation on the part of Ankara, which this time was manifested by the most official UN forum in New York and the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself, is under the microscope of Athens. The non-existent accusations of Mr. Erdogan were immediately answered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, while today Friday, in his scheduled speech, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to make a more comprehensive statement that will present the Greek positions but also the malicious nature of the Turkish positions.

Ankara insists on high tones: Cavusoglu fires for F-16-5

Beyond this diplomatic and communication strand, there is skepticism in Athens about the motive behind Erdogan’s statements. Given that slowly but surely a scenario of potential tension is being built both in the Aegean (incidents) and in the Eastern Mediterranean (possible expansion of investigations), there is no disposition in Athens to interpret Mr. Erdogan’s statements as only aimed at the field of impressions or the internal political situation in Turkey.

Mitsotakis: “Ankara is a source of instability in the Eastern Mediterranean”

Mr. Mitsotakis already gave harsh answers to the Turkish president. Initially, during a dinner given in his honor by the expatriates in New York, he said that Greece will not tolerate “bullying” by Ankara, referring to the rest of his speech at the UN today. Later in interviews he gave to Bloomberg and CNN, Mr. Mitsotakis said that “accusing Greece of crimes against humanity in the issue of immigration is simply outrageous,” because “Turkey is the one that, very openly and very publicly , has been instrumentalizing the immigrants for the last two years, trying to encourage them, to send them to the Greek border, trying to push them to Europe.”

Ankara insists on high tones: Cavusoglu fires for F-16-6

The prime minister added that Greece is rescuing “tens of thousands of people who are in danger at sea” and at the same time defending its borders as it has an obligation to do. Mr. Mitsotakis concluded by saying that we have seen a crescendo of Turkish rhetoric against Greece, adding that “we don’t need another source of geopolitical instability in the Eastern Mediterranean when we are waging war against Russia and trying to support Ukraine.”

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