Departure – bombshell from STAR after 20 years: “The time has come for me to resign” – TV24

In each new television season, each station gains something, but also loses something. So STAR may have secured new partners that it hopes will take its shows off the ground, but some old acquaintances have said goodbye after many years of collaboration. In particular, we are talking about Ioanna Vassou, who was 20 years at the channel and made it known through a post on her Instagram that she is leaving.

On the other hand, the channel secured the duo of Eteocles Pavlou and Eleni Hatzidou who will take over the show Breakfast at Star, and they aspire together with a very strong group of partners to bring back high numbers to the show, which was not achieved last year. However, the station laid the foundations early this year.

Ioanna Vassou’s post about her departure from STAR

So she wrote on Instagram without revealing the reasons for her departure:

“The time has come to give up my beloved STAR. A big circle that had it all closes. Joys, successes, praise, sorrows and difficult times. But I’ve learned to keep only the good things, and I’ll keep them tight like a talisman with those I love.

I love several good colleagues with whom we spent a lot together. In fact, the circle was so big that it literally took up half of my life. He was 20 years and 5 months old! Ioanna Vassou wrote on her personal account.


A few words about Ioanna Vassou

Ioanna Vasou initially worked at the channel in freelance reporting, covering the current affairs from Thessaloniki, while she was then “naturalized” in Athens and continued her journalistic career in freelance and lifestyle reporting.

With her participation in the main weekend bulletins, Ioanna Vasou strengthens the already strong team made up of Eleonora Meleti, Eleni Tsagas and of course Panagiotis Stathis, while she participated as a panelist in the show Made in star.

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