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It’s time for the next step in your relationship, cohabitation. You are both excited, flying high and looking forward to sharing the same bed. However, it is not all so dreamy, since living with the other is not a simple matter. As exciting as it sounds as a prospect, the difficulties are many and many relationships break up after a while. Of course, at first it is certain that everything will be “honey and milk”. However, the first revelations and the routine of everyday life are what will test a couple’s relationship. So that you both don’t find yourself in front of surprises, it would be a good idea to ask each other certain questions before cohabitation, so that you can see if your wants converge.

Everything you need to know about cohabitation. When are we ready to take the next step?

Questions before moving in: What you should ask each other before moving in together

Why do you live together?

Whether this transition is born for your convenience or not, it is good to ask yourself what the motivations for this move are.

Are you doing it because you want to raise money? Are you doing it because you want to stay together and be each other’s company? It is good to first find out why you live together so that you can later prepare for living with another person, which is not the easiest thing.


Where is this relationship going?

A very cliche question in a relationship between two people, but very basic when the idea of ​​cohabitation is on the table. Because maybe in the beginning the relationship started with the phrase “we’re just going ahead and taking it easy and seeing how things go”however there is nothing casual about moving in together.

Have a serious discussion about your relationship before you sign contracts on a house together. It may seem quite formal to you, but before you share a roof together, it’s a good idea to make sure that any big plans you have for yourself and your future will not prevent you from sharing a life together.

We’re back from vacation and can’t stand to be away from each other. Or when cohabitation comes sooner than we expected!

How are your finances?

Even couples who choose to keep their finances separate should know where they stand when they start relying on someone else. Talking about finances is especially important if you’re going to end up splitting most things.

You may decide that one of you will cover most of the rent or that you will split everything 50/50. Either way, the decision should be based on both.

What does personal time and space mean to everyone?

Even if you’re lucky enough to move in with your loved one on earth, there will be days when they’ll get mad at each other. It might be about a rough day at work, but the day will come when the slightest sound coming from him will make you want to scream your nerves out.

Being able to say “I love you, but what I need is for you not to talk to me for the next hour” it’s a very basic way to set your boundaries. Each should maintain their own identity within this relationship. Don’t neglect your friends and company, and try to give each other the space you need to stay loved.


How will housework be shared?

Housework may be the last thing on your mind. However, as strange as it may sound, the unequal distribution of responsibilities within the home is one of the most common causes of fighting between couples. From the beginning, divide the chores according to your available time or what you prefer to do at home to avoid unnecessary fights in the future.

How can you keep your relationship healthy after moving?

It’s so easy to forget about dating when you move in with your significant other because you often confuse the general time you spend together with the actual, quality time a couple should have. And there is a HUGE difference between these two situations.

Survival guide: How to keep a relationship alive after changes ‘in its contracts’

Deciding to move in with your partner is a big decision that has a significant impact on both your relationship and your life. You should both feel equally ready and excited about the prospect of living together. After all, it requires effort and struggle to bring the desires of two people under one roof.

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