What are the evaluation criteria for students in Primary school?

The evaluation criterias of students in Primary school they refer to the circular for the operation of primary schools 2021 2022 and also to previous circulars. The new operating circular 2022-2023 is expected in a few days.

The evaluation criteria for students in primary school, according to the current institutional framework communicated by the Ministry of Education in September 2021, are as follows:

  1. his performance in the various subjects
  2. effort he makes
  3. his interest
  4. the initiatives it develops
  5. his creativity
  6. his cooperation with other people
  7. the respect of the rules of operation of the school

The relevant circular refers to the following institutional framework:

The provisions of the P.D. 8/1995 (A΄3) & P.D. 121/1995 (A΄75) and in no. first F.7A/FM/212191/Δ1/4-12-2017 Y.A, (Β΄4358) as amended by under no. F.7A/AI/38528/D1/17-03-2020 YA (Β΄1509)

According to the P.D. 8/1995 which is the point of reference, the criteria for evaluating students are as follows:

Student evaluation is the continuous pedagogical process, based on which the course of his learning is monitored, its final results are determined and, at the same time, other characteristics of the student, which are related to the work of the school, are assessed. The evaluation is an organic element of the teaching-learning process, which begins with the definition of the objectives and ends with the control of their achievement.

The evaluation, as an individualized assessment of the student’s performance, is not an end in itself and in no case assumes a competitive or selective character for the Primary School student. She it does not only refer to his performance in the various subjectsbut also in its other characteristics, such as the the effort he puts in, his interest, the initiatives he develops, his creativity, his cooperation with other people and respect for the school’s operating rules (Art. 1. par. 2 & 3)

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