Complaint about drug shortages due to exports at lower prices

Complaint about drug shortages due to exports at lower prices
Complaint about drug shortages due to exports at lower prices

Serious drug shortages were observed throughout the summer in her pharmacies Thessaloniki and Greece in general, while it is still unknown when the situation will normalize.

The prices of medicines in our country are much lower compared to the prices in central and northern European countries, which is a lure for exports, at a time when nationwide shortages are recorded. In this way patients who face serious diseaseseven if they have been taking a particular treatment for years, in many cases they are forced to wait or change it and take other drugs, with experts sounding the alarm about the concequenses to their health.

It is an injustice what is happening. Some take advantage of price differences and get rich from them. Thus the inhabitants of some Central European and Northern European countries have increased availability of medicines, which we “hunt with the rifle” and supply them with the dropper” states the president of the Pharmaceutical Association of Thessaloniki Dionysis Eugenides.

As he notes, drugs of modern treatments for diabetesthe hypertensionthe cholesterolhim thyroidthe respiratorybut also anticoagulants drugs are exported to Europe, where their price can be double, triple or even quadruple. The problem of shortages plagues patients and specialists all year round, but the summer, so companies close due to permits, it becomes explosive. From this week, a slight improvement is expected, but, according to the president of the FSTH, it will not be the solution.

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