Princess Diana’s tragic death was no accident

Princess Diana’s tragic death was no accident
Princess Diana’s tragic death was no accident

At August 31 of 1997 the most famous woman in the world was killed in a car accident, spreading grief both to her family and to her millions of fans. The “Rose of England”, the “people’s princess”, the dearest “blue blood” or simply the Lady Diana Spencer he passed away at the age of just 36, causing a worldwide shock. Twenty-five years later, news of the crash still haunts the British nation, occasionally searching for conclusive answers surrounding the fateful night.

According to the French court, the fatal accident that claimed the lives of Princess Diana and her then-partner Dodi Al Fayed, as they were riding in the armored black Mercedes heading from the Ritz hotel in Paris to the apartment of the Egyptian billionaire, which he kept in the City of Light, it was caused after a severe collision of the car with the 13th pillar supporting the roof of the Pont d’Alma tunnel. The couple’s French professional chauffeur was found to be at fault for the accident. Henry Paul, who lost control of the wheel as post-mortem toxicology tests revealed high levels of drugs and alcohol in his blood.

However, the identification of the person responsible does not seem to have reassured the family of Al Fayed, with their lawyer-representative, Michael Mansfield, to point out that this “case is not yet closed”. As the distinguished British lawyer mentioned speaking to the “Mirror”, there are several unanswered questions from the fateful night of the accident, clarifying that if further investigation was allowed, information could be revealed that would give a clearer picture of what exactly happened inside the tunnel nearly two decades earlier.

How come these vehicles or the people driving them have not been identified?

The idea that it was a purely simple car accident is not correct. The truth always shines in the end, but research has to be done for that to happen. In no way do I believe that the case is closed, sooner or later more details will be revealed forcing the authorities to further investigate the details of the accident,” said the 80-year-old lawyer, explaining that inside the tunnel at the time of the collision there were a motorcycle and one vehicle, whose drivers were never identified by the British and French authorities either as witnesses to the incident, or even as being involved in the tragic incident. “How come these vehicles or the people driving them have not been spotted?” he wonders at the end.

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