Astrology: The signs today, Thursday September 1st

Astrology: The signs today, Thursday September 1st
Astrology: The signs today, Thursday September 1st

Today’s astrological predictions.


Some situations will put you in a difficult position and you should handle them with care so as not to damage your relationships. Be reasonable, invest in diplomacy and avoid being categorical in your views. Many doubts and a pessimism plague you and do not let you focus your attention on the important things that are happening.


You are stubborn and absolute in matters concerning your family life or your relationship with your partner. In this way, however, you create more tension and leave no room for solving any problems… Attention to the management of your finances will be needed today in order not to create any new intractable problems. You will take some important steps today that will mark the development of your career.


Friendly people will need your support, which means you will need to sacrifice at least part of your schedule for their sake. Do it with your soul. On an emotional level, you feel quite secure in your relationship and you sense that the balance has been restored. Don’t take anything for granted and rest easy, as relationships, like everything else in life, evolve and change.


Your intuition is alerting you to a background that you cannot yet detect. Is it a problem that arises in your professional sphere or a betrayal on a personal level? The future will tell you. Emotionally, if you have a need to love and be loved, you will have to work hard and perhaps long to make this a reality. Love is gradually earned and not given away…


Something new is in the air! For some it could be a new flirtation, for others a new creative occupation. Professionally, you may feel that your career has been bogged down lately and that you need to do something. Today an opportunity will come your way that will take you out of stagnation. Grab her!


Your goal should be to give yourself moments of relaxation and feel well, as a new month and important challenges await you. Your interpersonal relationships are far from static and to remain alive and functional requires effort from both parties. You put on autopilot and think you did your duty…


Your selfish behavior can bring you into conflict with your environment, professional or family. Don’t create issues where there are none… Professionally at least a little patience is needed, as new professional prospects and perhaps a proposal for business cooperation will soon come your way.


Something about the day, something about the planetary circumstances, your imagination, takes you to magical and dreamy worlds… Just make sure to step on the ground a little bit here and there. You have good leadership skills and can inspire those around you, especially in the workplace. What you should pay attention to is to fairly reward those around you for their efforts.


Difficulties and tensions characterize your working day. You lack the full picture to be able to handle situations successfully. Make sure to find the missing pieces and act on it… You could implement some of your new creative ideas in the professional field which will pay off significantly in the near future if you have a clear vision and goals.


Without realizing it you are looking for a partner! Don’t settle for anything less than your dreams and don’t let those around you sway you, influencing your choices. New perspectives open up before you, and if you don’t shy away or hold back from a lack of confidence in your abilities, you will record significant successes in the future.


Today you have a strong feeling that the psychic contact you had with your partner has been lost over time. Try your moves to warm up the atmosphere and build new bridges of understanding. You might consider taking part in a group activity that will help you relax a bit from your daily routine and bring something new into your life.


Something seems to be changing in your life. It could be a new friendship that is born, a new romantic acquaintance or a new partnership. Whatever it is, it will change your life in an exciting way. There are days when we all struggle with the modern and the unknown, but some others we are more receptive. Today is your day of resistance. But tomorrow the scene will be different…

Source: Alinda Kanaki / thebest

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