What do the gallops that reach Maximos show?

What do the gallops that reach Maximos show?
What do the gallops that reach Maximos show?

After a period of intense upheaval, it seems that… calm is being restored in the Maximos Palace according to the data from the rolling measurements that are carried out and take into account the presence of prime minister at the TIF ten days ago. And this is because, as it turns out, it is not only the ND that “stings”, but qualitative elements are also corrected, such as the personal indicators of Kyriakos Mitsotakis after the period of great tension due to surveillance. These days, it should be noted, all the major polling companies are running their own surveys, given that the appearances of Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Tsipras at the TIF must be “counted”, while several of the surveys are expected to be published soon.

As for the main findings of the “ongoing” investigations, competent sources note that a sufficient difference between ND and SYRIZA, with both major parties to register gains, apparently due to regrouping of audiences. In particular for the ND, the same sources estimate that it is for “centrist” voters who may have distanced themselves in the previous weeks, being disturbed by the surveillance case, after TIF, however, they seem to be re-approaching the ruling party. And SYRIZA appears to be making small gains, which is also explained as a tendency to regroup voters with anti-rightist characteristics in a period of polarization that traditionally favors the major parties.

As for PASOK, converging sources conclude that the momentum of the monitoring period it’s backwith the comma appearingi to correct downwardsremaining, of course, in double digit percentages. What is established, however, is that, despite the whole case of surveillance, many PASOK votersabove 1/3, appears to do not disagree with central government choicesbut also to desire a Msgovernmental cooperation between ND and PASOKin the event of non-achievement of self-reliance and in view of the prospect of non-governance.

The number of parties in the next Parliament will be a crucial factor in terms of the measure of self-reliance. MePA25 is in a borderline statebut, although he is currently appearing outside the Parliament, no pollster is in a hurry to “write off” the party of Yanis Varoufakis, which is “fishing” in the pool of first-time voters, as well as left-wing voters who may be flirting with the abstention.

Self-reliance is the goal

At the Maximos Palace, however, cooperation scenarios with the Hellenic Solution of Kyriakos Velopoulos are not discussed, which “overwhelm” the political debate these days. “You can’t govern with someone when we look to the West and he looks to the East,” said government spokesman Yiannis Oikonomou (ANT1) yesterday, while Dora Bakoyannis, who acts as a link between Maximos and K.O. of ND asked (Alpha 9.89) “how is it possible to agree programmatically with Mr. Velopoulos on foreign policy issues or in the health sectors with vaccinations?”. And from the side of the Greek Solution, of course, every scenario is refuted, although Mr. Velopoulos’s party maintains a philosophy that the ND he could post-election not…slander the whole party, but some MPs, in order to form an opportunistic majority. And this, of course, is secretly denied by the government.

In fact, since the ‘bridges’ with the PASOK they seem “burnt” at the moment, for the government the main strategic goal is self-reliance. Hence, as we get closer to the polls, the dilemmas, with an emphasis on stability versus anarchy, will be more and more emphasized to the citizens. Mr. Mitsotakis, after all, has declared that there is no sense of laxity in the first ballot of simple proportionality. Already, right? the ND rearranges its forceswith Maximus’ morning coffee expanding with the return of communicator Eric Parks as campaign strategist while once at the end of the week the secretary of ND Pavlos Marinakis will participate in it, conveying the “pulse” they receive from society the party officials.

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