Panathinaikos: The dominant 11 with Levadeiakos

“Triphylli” has made a terrible start in this year’s Super League, defeating both Ionikos (1-0) and OFI (0-2) in the first two matches of the Championship. On the occasion of this event, “All Green” reminds you of the other 8 times that Panathinaikos has made a similar start in the Greek League in the 21st century.

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Season 2000/01 (2-1 PAS Ioannina, 0-2 Panionios)

We start from the… dawn of the new century and from the year 2000/01. THE Panathinaikoshaving on his bench Angelo Anastasiadis, started the season with considerable expectations, aiming to win the title. Something like this was, of course, also reflected on the field, with the “Trefoil» to throw… fires on the playing field. The first “victim” was PAS Ioanninawho, although appeared tough, was defeated 2-1 at Avenue. The score was opened by Lymberopoulos in the 31st minute with a header, after his cross Flipsenwhile the 2-0 was made with his own goal Juba at 66′. From then on, the Gianniotes turned up the “speeds”, reduced in the match with him Lipatin (71′), they missed opportunities to equalize, but they left with their heads down Vineyards.

In the second match, now, o Panathinaikos “air” passed through the Nea Smyrniwinning by 0-2 Panioni. “Activists” for the “greens” were Basinas (27′) and Lymberopoulos (51′), helping him Panathinaikos to leave with the three point.

Season 2003/04 (1-0 Xanthi, 1-3 OFI)

The year that Panathinaikos he was crowned double Greece had begun his course in Championship as befits its prestige and history. He got two career wins against Blonde and OFI, picking up 6 points early on in the “battle” he was fighting to win the domestic title. I coached him Itzhak Shum, the “greens” brought out “health” on the playing field, presenting a solid set. At its premiere Championshipthey hardly broke her “obstacle”. Xanthi at Avenue, beating her in the end with 1-0. Scorer of the only goal was Konstantinidiswho sent the ball into the net with a nice projection.

In the next match, where Panathinaikos happened to meet him OFI in Cretevictory came easier than expected, with the “Trefoil“to escape with the “double” with a score of 1-3. For Heraklionitesthe goal was scored by Calfmaking it 1-1, while for the visitors the score was opened by Konstantinouby Dimitris Papadopoulos to score two goals in a row and “lock” the victory for his team.

Season 2004/05 (3-0 Ionian, 3-1 Xanthi)

The day after the year of the double, o Panathinaikos impressively restarted his career in Championship, failing, however, to make the dream of the title a reality. With the coaching changes being numerous that season (started with Sumthen came the Skaznihired o Phylakouris as official, while the year ended with Malezani), The Panathinaikosas was logical, he lost his orientation, as a result of which he did not chase to the end Championship.

Be that as it may, the two consecutive victories at the beginning of the Greek season League they “warmed up” the crowd, who watched the team impress. The first “step” was taken with him Ionic in the “Apostolos Nikolaidis“, with Eki Gonzales (34′) and Dimitris Papadopoulos (43′, 50′) to give the victory with 3-0 to Panathinaikosleaving no room for reaction to Nicaeaites.

In the second matchday, the “Trefoil» he welcomed her Blonde, in a match in which the hosts won 3-1. Although the Thracians they “froze” the Avenue with his goal Baikara in the 2nd minute, the twist came quickly, with the Pools (16′) and Scatchel (22′) to perform it. The icing on the… cake was again put by Angelos Basinasscoring a stunning long-range goal for the 3-1 final.

Season 2009/10 (0-3 Ergotelis, 1-0 Xanthi)

The last time that Mr Panathinaikos managed to end the season with absolute success (domestic double), he had started extremely well in his first two matches Championship. Having as a coach the “Trefoil» him Ten Kate (although in the middle of the season he was fired to hire o Nikos Nioplias), the “greens” destroyed him in the premiere Ergotelis in Crete and then they overcame its multifaceted defense Xanthi in the OAKA.

More specifically, in his match Pankriti Stadiumeverything went perfectly for him Panathinaikoswho saw him Sise and the Leto (bis) to “bloody” his nets Pose and easily defeat the “yellows”. In the next match, although the conditions were more favorable for “Clover”, things did not go as well as he would have liked. Xanthi came very “read”, she had closed all the places and did not allow him Panathinaikos to step in her area.

At the same time, however, the hosts were also sluggish in their game, which helped them Thracians to perform their inhibitory task. Fortunately for him Panathinaikoshowever, the Kostas Katsouranis took advantage of his good corner kick Christodoulopoulos a few minutes before the break, making the final 1-0 with a close header.

Season 2011/12 (0-2 Corfu, 3-1 PAS Ioannina)

In a year when Panathinaikos he had to deal with his escape Jibril Cisse for the Lazio, managed at least in the beginning to look worthy of the circumstances. The truth is that despite the fact that he did not have the same quality as in previous years, he managed to chase the title until the end, losing it, however, in the “thread” to Olympic. The launch took place in Corfu against “Phaeacians“, whom the “Trefoil» won 0-2.

The “dance” of goals was opened by Leto in the 62nd minute with a well-timed penalty, while the second goal was scored in stoppage time by Nini after a very lucky match. In the second matchday, Panathinaikos was stormy at OAKA opposite to PAS Ioanninascoring three goals and hitting the post as many times.

In more detail, the “Trefoil» entered… furiously on the field, immediately making it 1-0 with a scorer Yosu Sariegi. The minutes passed and Panathinaikos he was looking for a second goal to make things simple ahead of the replay. This, after all, I came from That’s it just before 45′, giving his team a two-goal lead. But, a tragic mistake of his Zeke in the 68th minute, he helped O Bakayoko the 2-1 and to provide new interest in the match. However, the 3-1 by Leto he put… tombstones on which dreams of of Epirot for positive effect on Maroussi.

Season 2015/16 (1-2 Panaitolikos, 4-0 Kalloni)

A season which was “marked” by the European elimination against Kampala and brought chain developments regarding the technical staff and the players. However, within Greecethe data were satisfactory for him Panathinaikoswho overcame his “obstacles”. Panaitoliko and her Beauty in his first two matches Championship.

At its premiere Agrinioumore specifically, although o A pan-eater took the lead with his goal Capell in the 41st minute, “Clover” found a way and turned the match around in the second half. Initially, after his mistake StefanakouThe Berg he took the ball and with a nice assist “served” to Kareli 1-1 at 51′, while towards the end of the match, o Swedish forward complete the reversal. THE Sanchez stuffed the ball towards the shaft space, his defenders Panaitoliko they did not agree properly and, thus, o Berg he took advantage of the circumstances, making it 1-2 with a strong shot.

In the second matchday, after the tragic draw with Kabbalah for Europa LeagueThe Panathinaikos broke out in Beauty“gifting” her with four goals. Karelis, Berg, Tavlaridis and Petrich were the scorers of this particular game.

Season 2016/17 (0-3 Levadeiakos, 4-0 PAS Ioannina)

The reason this season is on our list is the fact that the first two matches took place in January 2017 due to the delayed start of Championship. Thus, the Super League started from the 3rd matchday, with the first two taking place as a postponement during the winter. THE Panathinaikostherefore, having created a very capable roster, which achieved the goal of entering its groups Europa League, started the domestic year aiming for the title. Of course, things did not go smoothly during the season, but in the first two matches the “Trefoil» it was stormy.

Initially, it passed like a “siphon” from the Meadow against the local Leviathan, winning 0-3. The score opened in the 8th minute with a penalty by Drainageto make it 0-2 o Wakaso at 36′. The final 0-3 was made by Leto in the second half. The following week, the whole of it Stramaccioni welcomed to Avenue him PAS Ioannina, whom he “treated” with four goals. Two goals o Berga o Lund and one Leto for one Panathinaikos which was also helped by his red card Paschalaki at 22′.

Season 2018/19 (0-1 Xanthi, 3-1 Lamia)

The afflicted Panathinaikos of George Doniswhich was considered by many to be the first favorite for relegation, managed to do all the football Hellas to rub her… eyes with what she saw in the first matches of his young players Greek coach. The first “miracle” happened in Wells opposite to Blondewhich traditionally made it difficult to “Trefoil». “Golden” scorer for him Panathinaikos was the Yannis Bouzoukis in the 69th minute, with an elusive left volley.

In the second matchday, the “greens” hosted the Ghoul in the OAKAaiming to 2×2 before the eyes of her ambitious Thai buyer PAE, Pierrot Piengbosad. The score opened early Bouzoukis from a long distance, to come, however, o Antejo to make it 1-1 a little later with a close header. In the replay, his changes Doni they turned the fight, as the partnership Campetsi and Emmanuelides made it 2-1 from the second. The final 3-1 was made by Kourbelis in stoppage time from the “bullet” of the penalty.

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