‘Everyone should help mark Giannis’

‘Everyone should help mark Giannis’
‘Everyone should help mark Giannis’


01.09.2022 | 08:44

Dario Sarits spoke to SPORT24 about the match against Greece (2/9, 18:00, ERT, LIVE from SPORT24) at the premiere of EuroBasket 2022 and explained that the fight against Giannis Antetokounmpo will not be the work of just one.

This summer’s big celebration, EuroBasket 2022, kicks off with Greece and Croatia of course having an extra day of training as their own group opens on Friday, September 2. This extra day of preparation will give everyone the chance to think a little more tactically, with Dario Saric explaining to SPORT24 how can… the job with Giannis Antetokounmpo be done.

The experienced forward, who has been a fixture for Croatia for many years, also referred to the pressure he and his team-mates are under after Croatia’s latest back-to-back failures at major competitions.

In this case, however, at EuroBasket 2022, everyone wants to write history differently.

Croatia has struggled quite a bit in recent years in major competitions. We’re not in a position to think at the moment about medals or anything that big. What matters is the first game of the tournament against Greece. We have to be ready for this match, it is very demanding. It is too early to say anything beyond that, to think or get into the logic of the medals. I think the most important thing is to improve in every match. This is the only way you can proceed with such an event. It is not right to talk about something distant, when we have before us such a difficult opening match with Greece” first reported to SPORT24, which arrived in Milan for the final phase of EuroBasket 2022, where the heart of Eurobasket beats. The mission ally in Milan and Berlin is Stoiximan, with many options and dozens of special bets for the top basketball event .

And when the discussion went to Giannis Antetokounmpo, Dario Sarits characteristically explained that “Greece has a lot of good players, it’s full of talent, it has guys playing at the highest level in both the NBA and the EuroLeague. It has Giannis Antetokounmpo, a great athlete who has been named the most valuable player in the NBA. We are talking about one of the top players in the world right now. Marking him one-on-one will be difficult. All players will need to help, perhaps with double teams or mixed defenses on him.

Of course, Giannis is a great player. He is quick with the ball in his hands, runs the court well in transition, constantly threatens the basket. We will have to be ready for him and play as well as possible to face him“.

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