Spain-Bulgaria 114-87 – Basketball – Eurobasket

Spain-Bulgaria 114-87 – Basketball – Eurobasket
Spain-Bulgaria 114-87 – Basketball – Eurobasket

The EuroBasket premiere match turned into a performance for a role, with Spain crushing Bulgaria with a “crushing” (114-87).

Seven Rampage players scored in double figures, with the Hernangometh brothers (Willie 16 points, 6 rebounds and Juancho 13 points, 7 rebounds) and Brown (17 points, 5 assists) the standouts.

On the other hand, for Barchowski’s representative group it was saved the forward of Olympiakos, Sasha Vezenkov, who had a double-double (26 points, 11 rebounds). Ivanov (16 points) and Stoilov (12 points) also struggled.

The match
The Bulgarians were competitive in the first few minutes
and they took advantage of the… laxity in the Spanish defense to gain a short lead (8-9 in 4′). But somewhere there, Scariolo’s players got serious and stepped on the gas: with Hernangometh and Brown revving up, they ran a 12-0 run and pulled away (20-9 in 7′), while closing the quarter with an 11-point “air” ( 28-17).

The “furious Rocha” entered the second period with… times
and in a mood to clear the case-win. With a plurality in scoring and many options, it shot up to +19 (41-22 at 14′), while the Balkans made several mistakes and were off target. The first half ended with the Iberians having +22 (57-35), with the noticeable difference being found in three-pointers (8/15 vs. 3/16).

In the third period not many things changed, since the Spanish continued at the same pace. With the Hernangometh brothers and Brown executing, they were outscored by +26 (74-48 at 25′). Despite the rotation attempted by Scariolo, his team maintained the difference over 20 points and closed the quarter with +23 (89-66).

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