State of Nice: Complaint that they forgot a 38-year-old pregnant woman for 1.5 hours -…

State of Nice: Complaint that they forgot a 38-year-old pregnant woman for 1.5 hours -…
State of Nice: Complaint that they forgot a 38-year-old pregnant woman for 1.5 hours -…

Heartbreaking are the words of two parents who lost their newborn baby in the early hours of Tuesday, during a planned birth in Nice State Hospital.

“Tuesday mornings i kissed my dead child. He didn’t even get to be born. He died in my wife’s womb,” the baby’s father told Mega’s “Live News” show.

“We have been waiting for it how and how to come into the world… Why? Why? No one has answered me,” said the mother.

What happened to the planned pregnancy?

In room 101 of the obstetrics, Konstantina took her dead baby in her hands, something she could not have imagined during her pregnancy.

The 38-year-old mother was scheduled to give birth to her fourth child on Monday. now in the ninth month of her pregnancy. After doing the necessary tests, the nurse tried to induce artificial pains. At this stage though, something went wrong.

“I notified a nurse that I was not well, I went to the bathroom twice, I almost passed out. Obviously he didn’t tell anyone, I had enough blood, I couldn’t move,” complains the baby’s mother.

Konstantina from three in the morning that had experienced bleeding and reassured that one of the doctors would come to see her, was left unattended until a quarter past five in the early morning, when she managed to get hold of her cell phone and call her gynecologist to come into the room.

Her doctor, apparently unaware of the pregnant woman’s condition, arrived immediately. He performed a CT scan and ultrasound on the fetus and realized that something was wrong.

“The baby on the ultrasound was face down and his heart was going out,” said the 38-year-old.

They inform her at 05:50 that they must proceed in an emergency caesarean section. The 38-year-old mother, however, did not feel that her baby had any signs of life since 05:00…

“This for me is tragic negligence, it is unthinkable going into an operation scheduled to give birth, losing 3 hours, losing the child and almost losing my wife, because when they put her at six to ten I could lose her too,” said the father.

The little boy they were expecting hadn’t made it. Parents inconsolable could not believe that a pregnancy without any problems had such a tragic end.

“Do you know what it’s like to kiss your dead child? What else is a parent to live for? And on top of that they ask me for the change,” added the father.

The hospital through the mouth of the president, conveys how if there had been adequate medical coverage the infant might have been saved.

“The obstetric clinic was staffed by one midwife and one nurse. The midwife went with the specialist doctor to perform surgery in an emergency and only one nurse remained,” said the president of POEDIN, Michalis Giannakos.

“I have a wife who is currently devastated and I have to collect the pieces of my wife, my children, that the little one was waiting for him and said “Dad, I have picked out my cars to give to Maximus”.

The unanswered questions, of course, many… “First why was such precious time wasted? Second, why wasn’t there a doctor in the room to attend to the matter? Thirdly, why didn’t the nurse inform the doctors and fourthly, how does this hospital work?” the father burst out.

Inconsolable Konstantinos and Konstantina are trying to pick up their pieces and find out what went wrong and lost the healthy baby they were expecting in such a way.

“They let my newborn son die – I almost lost my wife”

The unfortunate father shocks speaking to MEGA on LIVE NEWS: “It’s very hard because I kissed him dead. Let me go in his place, and let the child return to his mother. We got lost in a hospital that was caring for a healthy baby. The woman informed a nurse that she was in pain and that her abdomen “burned” and was bleeding. No doctor came by to ask what was going on, even though they were sitting in the curator’s office.”

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