“They ransacked everything, stole 50-year-old heirlooms from the house,” says the victim

They took everything, it was a nightmare experience”with these words he describes the victim of the burglary at Zografou what he experienced suddenly facing a devastated landscape in his home. Valuable items, 50-year-old heirlooms, were stolen from the house.

They broke into my house. I came back after 10 days. It’s on the third floor. I tried to open, the navel fell out and I realized that there had been a breach” states the owner of the house, Vangelis Pavlou.

As he explains, he called locksmiths and it took an effort for them to enter the house as items had been placed behind the door. When they managed to open it, they saw wardrobes fallen, all surrendered to chaos.

The confusion of Mr. Vangelis’s wife was obvious, she was shocked when she saw the picture.

The worrying thing is that the complex had been burglarized a while ago, while the residents often express their fear.

The timeline of the case

Images of utter destruction stared at him Zografou one elderly couple returning from his vacation.

The would-be burglars, most likely a Roma gang, had plenty of time at their disposal to make the apartment on Smyrnis Street at number 1… summer looking for gold jewelry.

The couple had hidden the valuables – jewels and gold pounds – in even the most unlikely places. Among other things… within the box of washing powder!

Once the burglars realized that the tenants of the apartment had devised various such ways to hide the valuables, they literally turned the house upside down to find them. And, eventually, they found them, leaving behind scenes of chaos.

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03.09.2022, 15:31

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