The 5th Patras International Poetry Festival starts today

The 5th Patras International Poetry Festival starts today
The 5th Patras International Poetry Festival starts today

With many important international participations and a rich program of events, the 5th “Patras World Poetry Festival – Patras World Poetry Festival” will take place this year, which will take place from September 1 to 4 in different cultural venues of Patras and beyond.

After two years of conducting it online festival, Patras will once again have the pleasure of hosting 65 important poets from 12 different countries. This year’s program holds many surprises for the participants and the public, with visits to readings in special places and in alternative ways.

The theme of PWPF2022 concerns the healing of art and especially poetry, entitled “From Hippocrates to poetry therapy” whenever and the program of all actions was designed with the aim of creating a continuous interaction of the arts, poetry and psychology.

The events will take place in the morning and in the evening at different venues in Patras such as the Epikentro Theater, the Hellenic Diaspora Foundation, Achaia Clauss and Villa Kolla, while the last reading will take place in Ancient Olympia with a full-day excursion of an experiential nature. The program includes additional guided tours, tasting, wine tasting and cultural tourism activities with the aim of giving the guests the best possible experience from our place!

The events are attended by important guests including the Ambassadors of the cooperating countries, internationally recognized academics, writers and representatives of institutions.

Special moments of the Festival will be the tribute to Tito Patrikios, the Round Table on the theme of Iasi through Poetry, the visit to the “Greek Diaspora Foundation” with the exhibitions of modern art by important expatriate Greek Artists and the concert of poetry set to music entitled “San a shiver…” which will take place on the Honorary Evening of the Festival. All events are open to the public with free admission.

At the same time, the festival talks with the visual arts and hosts two visual projects and a photographic one.

Art Platform | Lagrange Points

On the occasion of the collaboration between the contemporary art gallery Cube Gallery and Liana Zoza, in her capacity as curator, with the Patras International Poetry Festival, the Lagrange Points art platform was created.

The idea arose, almost simultaneously with the presentation proposal, of the two on going art projects ”Open Studio” and ”Invisible Cities | Invisible Cities” during the Festival and under the joint title “L3 point” and in parallel with the desire to continue the creative meetings of all forms of art.
Although the term is borrowed from the mechanics of the celestial bodies, where it deals with the rules of balance and attraction by which their relationship and coexistence works, it works with the same balance in the coexistence of the various art forms.

Peny Delta poet portaits

During the Festival the photographer Peny Delta will create the portraits of the poets who will participate in the festival which will be used in the archive of the Poetry Office as well as in the corresponding edition of the Festival…

The International Poetry Festival of Patras is organized by the “Poetry Office” of Patras and CultureBook (, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Region of Western Greece, the Regional Union of Municipalities of Western Greece, the Municipality of Ancient Olympia, the University of Patras, the University of Western Macedonia, the Hellenic Open University, the Larnaca Poetry Festival, the Embassy of Hungary, the Embassy of the Czech Republic, the Embassy of Poland, the Greek Library of London, the World Poetry Movement, Epikentro+ Theatre, Cube Gallery, Friends Travel and others carriers. It is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism.

The president of the Poetry Office Antonis D. Skiathas and the forerunner of the Patras International Poetry Festival Triantafyllos H. Kotopoulos emphasize:

The Patras International Poetry Festival has created an international institution for literature that honors Greek letters, promotes Greek poetry and brings Greek poets and Greek poets into contact with corresponding poets from all over the world.
Along this path, poets from fifty countries have conversed with each other at the Patras Word Poetry Festival.
It is extremely important for all of us at the Poetry Office that the festival is an affair of the whole city, as pan-Hellenic institutions, regional localities, businesses, citizens support the organization in all possible ways.
The Ministry of Culture, the Region of Western Greece, the University of Patras are some of the institutions that support it.
The publications they have planned as well as the actions in various emblematic places of the wider region such as Achaia Clauss, the “Diaspora” museum shape the identity of the Festival
At the same time, the synergies with cultural institutions and the connection of Poetry with other arts such as music, visual arts and photography create all that makes the festival unique. The International Poetry Festival of Patras is one of the largest literary institutions in Greece, the largest in the region and has already stood out among the most notable festivals around the world. Every year it hosts in Patras important names of world literature and offers a rich program of events that includes poetry readings, presentations, seminars and cultural events. It has a vision to promote Greek literary creation worldwide and to make the capital of Western Greece a European center of literature. Through his actions, he talks with chairs of Greek studies around the world and records contemporary poetic production.

*The organization of the entire festival is non-profit-making and public participation is free in all its actions.

“Like a shiver…”

As the note touches the word,
And oxygen life.
Music fights with verse in a battle for love, man, society, existence, love, hate, passion and nature.

Take part:
Giorgos Georgiadis Mandolino (deaf member)
Sani Peta Mandolin (deaf member)
Giannis Anagnostopoulos Guitar
Thomas Pallas Guitar
Andreas Zafeiropoulos Piano
Themis Martekas Krousta

They interpret:
Christos Constantopoulos
Beleri gifts

Art direction
Yannis Anagnostopoulos
Yannis Anagnostopoulos
George Georgiadis

News today:

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At 10 the meeting of the Institutions and Transparency Committee for the follow-ups

Today, the last goodbye to 19-year-old Thalia, with military honors

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