At EKO Rally Acropolis the first official national event of eSports associations

At EKO Rally Acropolis the first official national event of eSports associations
At EKO Rally Acropolis the first official national event of eSports associations

The eSports WRC stage presented by KOTSOVOLOS will be set up in the specially designed hall “G. Kassimatis” of OAKA and will include all the modern logistic infrastructures, which will offer a unique visual and audio experience to the participants, as well as to the spectators.

The eSports curtain will open the previous day, Wednesday 7/9 at 13:00, with the national qualifiers. For the first time, the Greek participants will come from electronic sports (e-Sports) associations, which are also founding members of the E-Sports Federation of our country.

The winner of Wednesday’s national qualifier will compete in Thursday’s global semi-final, with two qualifying rounds (11:15 and 13:15) featuring nine players from around the world. The four finalists will compete in the final at 17:00, a few hours before the start of the EKO Rally Acropolis at the central stadium of OAKA.

The dynamic presence of the newly established Federation, as well as the e-Sports associations in this top event, with the support of Motorsport Greece, reinforces the aim of the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis, who officially put electronic sports on the sports map, practically “embracing” the ever-growing family of e-sports.

Greece, with the sports law 4908/2022, became the first European country to institutionally recognize the specific genre, giving the possibility to legal amateur sports associations to set up electronic sports sections.

In fact, the massive participation of players from the unions of the e-Sports Federation being established in our country, demonstrates the ever-increasing engagement of the new generation with this new genre, with electronic sports that depict and contain pure sports content.

This particular event, in addition to the rich spectacle, creates even more prospects, so that motor sports become more accessible to young people, who have developed close contact with e-Sports. And through the virtual WRC races to transmit the vital messages of Road Safety and Behavior.

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