Skiathos: She was raped by her ex-husband

Skiathos: She was raped by her ex-husband
Skiathos: She was raped by her ex-husband

The man, who was taken to the police station yesterday, claimed that the sexual intercourse was consensual.

She divorced four years ago to get rid of the oppression, but she couldn’t get rid of his presence and brutality. A 43 year old woman who lives in Skiathos fell rape victim by her 45-year-old ex-husband .

In accordance with, the woman went through the door of the police yesterday to file a complaint, because her ex-husband was outside the door of her house and threatened to kill her. In her testimony she bent down and revealed to the police that on August 26 he had raped her in her home. The perpetrator was taken to court yesterday claiming that the sex with his ex-wife was consensual, while she complained that raped her inside the house using violence and threats.

He also denied threatening to kill her or creating any incident outside the house. The 40-year-old mother of a young child will undergo tests and the prosecutor ordered a preliminary examination, while it became known that the 45-year-old of Albanian origin is illegally in Greece.


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