Energy: The lignite mining mines in Western Macedonia are at full capacity

Tons more coal of the originally planned quantities had to be consumed in the two months of July – August, as a result of which the staffs of PPC in the lignite center of Western Macedonia to redesign their programming to anticipate winter with full yards inventories.

The lignite center planned the mining operations based on the planning to double the production on an annual basis, which, however, happened in August, as after many years all five fugaras of Ag. Dimitriou together with Meliti, raising the participation of lignite to power generation mix at 24%. The participation of lignite in electricity generation also increased by 17% in July, which was the first month of implementation of the “return” program of the domestic fuel, dictated by the energy crisis and the need to reduce prices and ensure energy sufficiency in the event of a complete shutdown Russian natural gas.

With the aim of ensuring continuous operation of the units in winter with high temperatures power consumptions due to heating, the competent PPC staff in the lignite center of Western Macedonia is adjusting the work schedule.

Taking advantage of the limited operation of the units in the two months of September – October when consumption decreases, he directs the contracts to small areas with rich deposits that can be recovered more easily and quickly in order to fill the yards with fuel for the winter.

Energy: The lignite mining mines in Western Macedonia-1 are at full capacity
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In August, the participation of lignite in the electricity generation mix reached 24%.

The bet will be decided by whether they manage to increase lignite production from 1 million tons per month today to 1.5 million tons. At the moment, more than 1.6 million tons of lignite have been collected in the yards of the six lignite units in Western Macedonia.

In the meantime, tests on the loading and transport systems are being completed fuel to the mills and the boiler of the new Ptolemaida V unit, as well as the fuel ignition systems, while the lignite stocks in the yard of the unit are also increasing daily in order to start its trial operation for a limited time in September, with the aim of starting the its commercial operation in December.

PPC proceeded to announce one more contract out of a total of six that it has planned for the opening of new mining sites in the southern field. The tender, with a total budget of 6.575 million, concerns the excavation, loading, transport and deposit of materials.

No progress has been made at the moment in relation to the future of the Achladas lignite mine, as well as the Vevi lignite mine after the Ministry of Internal Affairs launched their operation by PPC. THE Minister of Environment and Energy with his decision at the beginning of July, he declared the company Lignitoryheia Achladas, which had been granted the exploitation of the deposit, to be liquidated, due to the non-compliance with the contract it had signed with PPC for the delivery of specific quantities of lignite, as well as non-payment of rent due to the Greek State about 4.7 million euros. A month and a half later, the company is still operating the mine and producing quantities that it exports to North Macedonia, in the context of a tolerance it has allegedly secured, as confirmed information has the ministry, PPC and Achladas Lignite Mines in discussions for a new agreement that will allow the continuation of its operation, without the deposit having to be returned to the State.

Competent sources of the Ministry of Internal Affairs indirectly but clearly confirm the relevant information, stressing that if the company settles its debts to the State, it can appeal against the ministerial decision and continue to operate the field. The company is reportedly willing to proceed with debt settlement, which, moreover, as refer to “K” responsible officials, had started through an extrajudicial mechanism, which was delayed.

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