Malamatina: The announcement of EL.AS. for the episodes

Malamatina: The announcement of EL.AS. for the episodes
Malamatina: The announcement of EL.AS. for the episodes

An announcement about the incidents at the Malamatina factory in Kalochori, Thessaloniki between strikers and the police, was issued on Wednesday night (31/08) by EL.AS.

As highlighted, two people were arrested for illegal violence and one more is being sought, while four police officers were injured.

In detail, the announcement of EL.AS.

In the morning hours today, Wednesday, August 31, 2022, a strike mobilization took place outside the company’s facilities in the area of ​​Kalochori.

The police forces, who were taking measures to ensure order and prevent illegal actions, in the presence of the Prosecutor’s Office, tried to remove the gathered in order to allow the workers to enter the business, while during this a limited use of the necessary means took place , so that there is no further escalation.

In this context, two people were arrested for illegal violence, while the file that was formed includes another person, who is wanted for arrest in the context of the autoforos, following a summons submitted by one of the arrested for threats and insults.

During the mobilizations, four (4) police officers were injured, who were taken to 424 G.S.N.E., where they were given first aid and left.

The arrested were released by verbal order of the competent prosecutorial authority.

It is noted that one of the arrested was taken to a public hospital, where he remains hospitalized“.

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