They robbed her of 9,200 euros in two days

They robbed her of 9,200 euros in two days
They robbed her of 9,200 euros in two days

An acquaintance of Patrini informed the Bank, but it did not… the transfer was blocked and 9,200 euros “went” to… Lithuania.

An incredible adventure for a well-known Patrini, who lost the sum of 9,200 euros from her bank account, when strangers “hacked” her computer and gained direct access.

Through the unsuspecting woman’s computer, the “hawks” managed to transfer money from her account to a third party’s account without her having noticed the slightest.

According to secure information from the “Gnomi” newspaper, the woman received a message in her e-mail from an unknown sender and made the mistake of clicking on the link without taking any other action, nor was she asked to enter her personal passwords.

But as it turned out, the mere fact that she clicked on the link was enough for the hackers, since they managed to gain access to the data on her computer and “transfer” the total amount from her account twice – in the space of two days of 9,200 euros.

As soon as she realized that her money was “missing” from her account, she immediately went to a branch of the bank where she had an account, informing the staff about what happened to her.

According to information from the victim’s environment, she went to the bank on the first day she “threw away” part of the money, the 5,000 euros, informing them that she had not transferred the money and asked for an investigation.

However, the next day the vigilantes continued undeterred and unhindered in their action by transferring the remaining 4,200 euros from Patrini’s account.

In fact, when she asked to change the transaction method, i.e. not to send SMS for the identification of any movements, but for any change to be made in person at the bank branch, the answer she received from the bank branch was that this is not possible to become possible.

This fact confirms – as people in her environment argue – that banks do not have security valves to protect their customers from the astute who violate with various tricks and methods (such as the “fishing” method, etc.) accounts, which raises serious concern and concern.

Legal circles are increasingly pointing out that banks must protect their customers by putting in place measures to protect them, as large sums of money have “flown” into foreign accounts while the fraudsters are invisible…

The Police may state that they are looking for the traces of the perpetrators, to file a case against those who give their account number in order to transfer the money, however, the “withdrawals” end up with unknown perpetrators, who hoard.


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