Girls stole cosmetics from a supermarket in Kalamata

Girls stole cosmetics from a supermarket in Kalamata
Girls stole cosmetics from a supermarket in Kalamata

Him grooming them but also the… appetizers they had two young girls in mind, but they didn’t want to spend money and they stole the necessary products from a supermarket in Kalamata! After second thefthowever, were arrested on Monday afternoon by its police officers DI.AS Group.

The two Greek women, one 19 years old and a minor, stole various types of food and cosmetics from the store, which they entered pretending to be customers. The stolen items were found in their possession and from the preliminary investigation carried out by the Security, it emerged that last Saturday the perpetrators had stolen other similar products from the same supermarket. The two girls were taken to the prosecutor Primary schools of Kalamata who prosecuted them for theft, while the 42-year-old mother of the minor is also accused of neglecting her supervision.

He stole a motorcycle in an incredible way

A man who had spotted a motorbike parked outside its owner’s house in Agrinio had a lot of audacity, as he entered without being noticed, stole its keys, put it in front and disappeared! However, a little later the perpetrator was arrested by police officers of the DIAS Team. and was brought to the Security, where a case was filed against him for the theft of a wheeled vehicle and he was taken to the prosecutor of Agrini.

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21.09.2022, 11:20

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