Minister Voridis, the regional governor and the mayors in Tripoli for the central management of waste

Minister Voridis, the regional governor and the mayors in Tripoli for the central management of waste
Minister Voridis, the regional governor and the mayors in Tripoli for the central management of waste

The Region of Peloponnese announced about the meeting with the minister: “The course of the PPP central waste management of the Region of Peloponnese, the stage at which its implementation is, as well as any problems that have arisen, were the subject of a wide meeting, in the presence of the minister of the Interior Maki Voridis -with the participation of all 26 mayors from the 5 P.E.-, which was convened by the regional governor Panagiotis Nikas at noon today, Friday September 16, in Tripoli.

“We must work together to find solutions” noted the regional governor, opening the process at today’s meeting, which was also attended by the board of the FoDSA, a representative from the management company, legal and technical advisers of the Region in matters of waste management, as well as its officials .

With the Minister of the Interior noting that “what has been agreed upon must be respected”, it was emphasized that in two weeks the progress on the issue of the debts of some of the municipalities to “Environmental Peloponnese”, the company that has taken over the central management of the waste of the Region.


P. Nikas positively assessed the operation of the management unit in Paleochuni up until now, stating that the situation in the Peloponnese Region during this summer, in terms of garbage, was clearly improved compared to unacceptable images from previous periods.

In addition, the Transloading Stations in Spathovuni and Argos are in full operation, while as regards the remaining TMS, the first 7 have already been licensed and are proceeding, with the other 8 having submitted the relevant files in the appropriate manner and progressing the process smoothly.

At the same time, it was announced that the transitional operation of the two remaining units provided for by the centralized management PPP – in Skala for the administrative unit of Laconia and in Kallirroi for the administrative unit of Messinia and the Arcadian Municipalities of Megalopolis and Gortynia – is expected to begin next December. with the latter, as the regional governor estimated, providing a definitive solution to the acute problems of the Municipalities of Messini and Trifilia.

In addition, the regional governor emphasized that the operation of the illegal landfills has ceased, announcing at the same time that next Monday, September 19, he will sign the revocation of the operation of the only legal landfill, in Xylokastro.


For his part, the Minister of the Interior, M. Voridis, also pointed out that it is “a spectacularly different picture in the issue of waste in the Peloponnese Region compared to what we experienced in the past” and called on the partners – Region, FoDSA and municipalities – to help so that to continue the planning that has begun.

The minister made it clear that “the agreements must be kept” and that his presence at today’s meeting is “facilitating”, explaining that he expects to hear the thoughts and opinions of the mayors regarding the issues that have arisen – especially regarding the difficulty of some municipalities to cover the management expense – stressing that “if the ministry needs to do something, we can facilitate it.”

Responding to a relevant remark by the mayors about the increased, due to the international situation, energy costs, M. Voridis announced that the Ministry of the Interior will support them with a total of 100,000,000 euros, the first 50 of which will begin to be credited in the municipalities around the middle of next October.

He stated that the current government is the one that has supported the local government more than any other, referring – among others – to the “Antonis Tritsis” program as the “largest financial program of the TA, with disbursements so far of 250,000,000 euros and with project approvals amounting to 3.5 billion euros in just one year.

M. Voridis, on the other hand, gave answers to issues related to the problems of DEYA, noting that the government recognizes the need that exists and is looking for a “legal tool” to solve this issue.

To the minister, the regional governor presented an engraving with Pelops, the volume of the comprehensive study on the climate adaptation of the Peloponnese Region, prepared in collaboration with and on behalf of the Center for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology of the Academy of Athens, as well as other symbolic gifts”.

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