Konstantinos Emmanuel for Maria Antona: “The girl is so non-existent”

Konstantinos Emmanuel for Maria Antona: “The girl is so non-existent”
Konstantinos Emmanuel for Maria Antona: “The girl is so non-existent”

Constantinos Emmanuel secured again against Maria Antona!

Constantinos Emmanuel fired new shots at Maria Antona, through his personal account on Instagram, proving that this feud will not end very soon.

More specifically, on Friday night, the well-known makeup artist and former Survivor player wanted to take a position again for his partner Aris Souledis and proceed with a series of stories on social media. “I said that I will not talk about this issue again but I am really suffocating with the truth. I’ve come this far and I think I really need to take a stand one more time.”

“I explained to Sofiana, when I came out of Survivor and we talked for two hours, that Ares and Maria are using her and then they will throw her like a set lemon cup. She asked me what I meant and I told her, “Ares sent you to go find her Maria, come up with a story to pretend that nothing is going on and that I will come out as the crazy one and the liar, but as soon as Aris comes out, you will see that he will not talk to you.” And in the end things turned out the way I told her,” initially noted Konstantinos Emmanuel.

“I see every night before I go to sleep what curses she used to throw at me every day on a thessula they have given her there on the panel. The girl is so nonexistent that she is trying to get publicity from me. That’s why they played every day on the show what is Constantinos Emmanuel doing and two or three monologues came up. Which fell again as soon as I left Survivor. If you didn’t want the topic to be played and recycled so much, you could have told the show that they have already given you a reason not to play the topic, but you liked it because you get advertising from me and the world learned about you a little while ago,” he added, on his personal Instagram account, Konstantinos Emmanuel for Maria Antona.

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