The garbage of the great Pacific Ocean “dump” has been mapped

The garbage of the great Pacific Ocean “dump” has been mapped
The garbage of the great Pacific Ocean “dump” has been mapped

Image from a site of the plastic garbage dump in the Pacific Ocean.

It is the leading representative of the pollution of the seas by plastic garbage. It is a massive plastic garbage dump that is constantly expanding in density and area. The “Great Garbage Can of the Pacific” as it is commonly known is located in the northern regions of the Pacific Ocean and is divided into two mutually feeding garbage areas in between Hawaii. The total area of ​​the two areas exceeds one million square meters. km. The area located further east consists of plastic garbage originating from Asia and the other area of ​​garbage from the west coast of the American continent.

With its publication in the magazine “Scientific Reports”, a research group reveals the origin and the type of garbage of this marine dump. As they say, 70% of the garbage comes from China and Japan, while another 20% comes from South Korea, Taiwan, the USA and Canada. Simply put, only six countries are responsible for this huge ecological disaster.

The vast majority of litter according to the survey is discarded fishing gear (ALDFG). These are fishing equipment of all kinds (nets, traps, etc.) which the fishing boats either lose during fishing or after the fishing is finished they leave them in the sea. The six countries are overfishing the Pacific Ocean resulting in the lost/abandoned fishing gear that has created this dump.

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