Who is celebrating September 21 today?

Who is celebrating September 21 today?
Who is celebrating September 21 today?

Today is Wednesday, September 21, and according to the calendar, those with the name: Ionas, Ionas, Ion, Ionia celebrate

Prophet Jonah

The Prophet Jonah lived during the reigns of Amaziah and Jeroboam. He was the son of Amathi and his homeland was Jethofer, of the tribe of Zebulun. Jonah was the one who, with divine inspiration, encouraged Jeroboam to wage war against the ruler of Syria, which resulted in the victory of Israel and the restoration of its borders.

Jonah is mentioned in the Old Testament, fifth among the minor so-called prophets. We find about him in the book of the same name, which mainly made him famous because of his sacred drama. The Lord had commanded him to go to Nineveh, seat of delusion of vain embellishments and orgies, to preach to it and prophesy its destruction.

Jonah, however, decided to forget God’s order, and decided it was good to go to another city in Tarsei. So he started his journey by ship, but on the open sea he caught a great storm. Then they cast lots, to see who was responsible for the evil that befell them. And the lot fell to Jonah, who had disobeyed God’s command. Then they threw him into the sea and the storm stopped. But also Jonah, a large whale swallowed him without eating him and after three days and nights he took him out on dry land safe and unharmed.

Then Jonah went to Nineveh, he prophesied what God told him and the Ninevites repented, fasted for 40 days and thus their city was saved from destruction. Because repentance brings the goodness of God, above His justice.

Jonah died in the land of Saraar, near the oak of Deborah, and was buried in a cave. Of course, we learn other events of his life in the Old Testament.

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