The male audience begged for help: Greek athlete dances chiftetelli and “drops” YouTube! – Videos

The male audience begged for help: Greek athlete dances chiftetelli and “drops” YouTube! – Videos
The male audience begged for help: Greek athlete dances chiftetelli and “drops” YouTube! – Videos

And yet! This Chiftetelli, a well-known Greek woman, made the male audience ask for “Help”! The video has “crazed” the whole Youtube!

The reason for Evangelia Plataniotis, who in the distant past, had danced on the show “Cheers“.


Specifically, after Kritikia who danced and “crazy” everyonewe discovered his ex-player’s gossip Nomads. The athlete of synchronized swimming, danced “the song of the Gypsies” and with her slow sway caused disturbance in the male audience.

Thanasis Viskadurakis, who was also his guest Spyros Papadopoulos, he even asked for “Help” in writing for what his eyes saw. Shortly after “Pote Boudas, Pote Koudas” he also made Mathilde Maggira dance with Evangeliia.

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The sensual chiftetelli of a famous Greek woman who drove everyone “crazy”!

Eleni Vitali was a guest on his show Spirou PapadopoulosCheers” and as it was next her enchanting voice captivated everyone.

Apart from the rest of her famous songs, one that has characterized her is the well-known “Song of the Gypsums” or otherwise “The patch”, thus performing this specific piece, the impressive dancer and actress got up to dance a slow and highly sensual dance like another Paola.

Naturally, the beautiful Anastasia drew all eyes on her and made everyone stare at her as she danced one of the most beautiful meatballs of Greek television!

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The “sinful” chiftetelli of a leading Greek presenter on air! Break the internet!

In a recent show of Faye Skordas appeared on her set dancing chiftetelli to the rhythms Lena Couples!

The presenter accepted his challenge Nikos Mousinas and came out on her show and rocked out to beats meatloaf “Sin with me and come,” tearing up the internet, similar to Salonika that went to Spyros Papadopoulos!

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